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Posted by: Oriental Mini Mart from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-249-0720
Found: Black and white male dog

Black male dog with white markings found at the Mini Mart. Pitt/Lab mix possibly.

Posted by: Paul Fairbank from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-249-1211 / 252-249-0023
Found: Little Black Dog
Found Wednesday and brought to Village Hardware. Now in good hands waiting for owner to call.

Posted by: Deborah Dickinson from: Merritt, NC Phone: 252-249-2025
Announcing: Good Homes Needed for Sweet Dogs

Two loving dogs need good homes. Fred and Ginger love spending time together outdoors, but would love a warm, loving home to where they are safe and warm. Both are up to date on their rabies shots. Their vet records are available upon request. Very friendly. Great with people, other dogs and children. For more information call 252.571.0063.

Posted by: Ilene Whitman from: Oriental, NC Phone: 917-887-5732
Lost: Orange /white cat named Witty

Witty is a much loved and super friendly cat who lives with us on our sailboat, ILENE. He went off the boat at about 9 PM Thursday night Oct 30 as he usually does when we're at a dock. He's going to be 6 in December and has been sailing with us since he's 3 months old. He hadn't come back. We miss him terribly and hope someone can spot him and let us know he's all right.

He's never been at this boat yard before so we are hoping he's lost and someone will find him. He is not to be feared at all!

Thank you.

Posted by: Judy Privette from: Arapahoe, NC Phone: 252-249-0341
Announcing: Puppies looking for Furever homes

We're looking for Furever homes. Our mother was left abandoned 1 week before we were born, now we're looking for homes. Please contact Judy or Al Privette at 249-0341.

Posted by: Donna Nickell from: Merritt, NC Phone: 252-745-0121 or cell 252-675-9973
Found: Sweet, little black dog
Found running up and down Florence Rd on Wed. He is an adult dog with no collar, but obviously not a stray. Seems to be in very good health. He is quiet, calm,& well behaved. Wants to phone home! Please call to identify.

Posted by: Jan Shikoluk from: Minnesott Beach, NC Phone: 252-249-0981
Found: Found Cockatiel
Found lost Cockatiel in Minnesott Beach Aug. 16, 2014. Good weight on bird so know it had a good home... Please call to identify. (252) 249-0981

Posted by: Ken Laser from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-249-0422
Found: 2 chairs in Kershaw Creek
Thursday morning after Wednesday's thunderstorms, I found 2 chairs floating in Kershaw Creek near my dock. They are safe, but need to go home. Please call.

Posted by: Zoey Zaleta from: Grantsboro, NC Phone: 252-571-0472
Found: Lost/Stray Kitten
Lost/Stray Kitten... This little one (female?) showed up here at The Hippie Hideaway this evening. We currently have 2 dogs, and 1 cat (all 3 are rescues). We abhor irresponsible "parenting", so when we discussed our insanely hectic schedule, financial obligations, upcoming travel plans, and the slim chance that our other "kids" would welcome a new member of the family, we were forced to acknowledge that it wouldn't be in this kitten's best interest for us to take her in. I'm posting pics in the hopes we can locate her family, or find someone who will be adamant about providing safe housing, healthy food, and regular veterinary care for this little creature.

Posted by: Alexis Kisby from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-617-6796
Found: Cream colored lab found

Cream colored lab found on Orchard Creek Rd. He is a male, unaltered. Call 252-617-6796.

Posted by: Jerry Casey from: New Bern, NC Phone: 252-638-1986
Lost: I Only Have Eyes For You
LOST in Oriental: Prescription glasses - Wire frame - Rimless.
Lenses have a goldish tint when in the sun.
Call Jerry @ 252-638-1986.

Posted by: PAWS -- Pamlico Animal Welfare Society from: Arapahoe, NC Phone: 252-249-1657
Announcing: Homeless Hot Dog Cart Still Homeless -- Please Help?
The Hot Dog hosts are getting antsy. The John Deere needs room to roam and the cart is blocking progress, so PAWS still needs secure storage space in Oriental to keep on truckin'.

Our cart is under 5 feet square plus a 2-foot tow bar, is well-behaved, quiet, and if you had a meal at the Dog Parade on April 26, you will appreciate those freebie hot dogs at all PAWS events. Deal?

If you have a garage that is not stuffed to the rafters or a storage unit that has some wiggle room, pleeeze consider fostering our cart. (Foster means "It's not forever.") Email Info@PamlicoPAWS.com. We'll be glad you did...


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