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Photos From The Cover Of TownDock.net
The photos that have been on the Home page

Sunrise from the Ferry | April 24, 2019

TownDock senior management went on an early morning adventure and captured this sunrise from the Minnesott Beach Ferry. Click for the bigger pic and the sunrise close-up.

Dragon Released to the Duck Pond | April 22, 2019

Hurricane Florence moved the Duck Pond Dragon from its mooring across Hodges Street. Someone (or someones) damaged it in an attempt to move it back. After several months’ absence, the Dragon has been repaired and returned to the water. Read the story here.

MV Miss Adventure | April 22, 2019

The girl you always wanted to meet? It’s Miss Adventure, visiting trawler at the town dock.

Sunrise At Camp Don Lee | April 21, 2019

Easter sunrise on the Neuse at Pearson’s Point, near Camp Don Lee. (Ben Casey photo)

Duck Pond Dragon Team | April 19, 2019

The Duck Pond Dragon Repair Team – Ken Laser & Art Halpern. The Dragon became headless & tail-less from the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Ken & Art put it back together again. The Duck Pond Dragon will be re-launched (rescheduled) Sunday @ 11a.

USCG Aux PFD Dummy | April 18, 2019

What’s missing? That was the question the Coast Guard Auxiliary asked at the Oriental In-Water Boat Show. The right answer got a prize. Check here for the 2019 Boat Show report.

Boat Show Nut House | April 17, 2019

Usually it’s brass boat bits, line, or lanterns that you find at a nautical flea market. Sometimes it’s a welcome sign; what every boat needs.

Sailpack - Maryland Hikes Out | April 16, 2019

Maryland hikes out with a smile @ the Sailpack Regatta

Judi Heit | April 15, 2019

Judi Heit made things happen in and near Oriental. She and her husband Ralf moved here in 1994. Sunday Judi passed away. She was 70.

Heber Guthrie building... | April 14, 2019

Traditional Harker’s Island boat builder Heber Guthrie built a rowing/power skiff during the 3 day boat show. It was completed and raffled off Sunday afternoon. Congrats to raffle winner Chris Weinheimer.

Boats On Hodges | April 13, 2019

Boats are wedged in together on Hodges Street for this weekend’s Oriental Boat Show.

Compass at the Nautical Flea Market | April 12, 2019

Compass close-up. Found in the Nautical Flea Market at the Oriental Boat Show. It’s the first day and the show will be open today until 6p, and Saturday 10a-6p. Click here, it’s all you need to know about the Boat Show.

Wyatt Cutler Yacht Club | April 12, 2019

One never knows what they’ll find at the Oriental Boat Show. Power & sail boats on land and in the water, marine accessories demonstrated in the tents… and then there is the Nautical Flea Market. In this 2018 file photo, Rotary volunteer Wyatt Cutler demonstrates proper onshore life preserver use.

MV Sea Glass | April 11, 2019

Grand Banks trawler Sea Glass visited Oriental with an unusual crew: a former Marine and a German Shepherd with an EU passport. Story coming.

2018 SailPack - USC and more | April 10, 2019

University of South Carolina counterbalance their sails at the 2018 SailPack Oriental Intercollegiate Regatta. The 2019 regatta is this Saturday. Click for the bigger picture and more from 2018

2019 Boat Show & Nautical Flea Market | April 9, 2019

Navigation lights. Outboards. Blocks and bronze bits. They’re at the Nautical Flea Market at this weekend’s Oriental In-Water Boat Show.

Trawler Bright Side | April 8, 2019

It must be Kadey Krogen trawler week at the town dock. This morning it’s trawler Bright Side visiting Oriental’s classic free dock. (click image for the big view and more)

Trawler Guiness | April 7, 2019

Kadey Krogan trawler Guinness used to have a home port of Oriental. Now the vessel plies the ICW with a home port of Rockland, Maine. Guinness visited the town dock recently on her way north.

Cuban Oregano ~ Raindrop Ridge Farms | April 6, 2019

Raindrop Ridge Farm (and the Herb Lady, Dorita Boyd) is at the Farmers’ Market on Hodges St this morning with garden-variety and hard to find herbs. Even Cuban stuff.

Lily & Buddy at Mariner | April 5, 2019

Lily and Buddy get up and go to work every morning. They are two pets with full-time jobs, greeting visitors and keeping watch at Mariner Realty. Their dedication to work, family, and each other makes the pair April’s Pets of the Month.

Skiff For Raffle At The Boat Show | April 4, 2019

Every year at the Oriental Boat Show Heber Guthrie builds a skiff, using ol’ time Downeast boat building skills. This year Heber is building a power skiff, in the same style as the one above. You can win the boat. Just buy a raffle ticket for 5 bucks, now available at New Village Brewery and the Provision Company.

Miss Kayden's New Paint | April 3, 2019

Miss Kayden is at the Garland Fulcher docks, showing off a new paint job. Click for the bigger pic and a look at the before shot.

Holly Martin Leaves on Circumnavigation | April 2, 2019

Holly Martin left Oriental April 1 aboard her Grinde 27 Gecko. She begins her circumnavigation. Holly anchored in Adams Creek last evening, and heads to Cape Lookout today. The next big stop is Culebra, Puerto Rico. Holly spoke to TownDock.net last winter. Read about Holly, her circumnavigation plans, and how she restored Gecko on her own. Click for the bigger picture and more.

Oriental's Energizer Bunny | April 1, 2019

Artist Laura Turgeon sees the world in a different way than most. Today, Laura celebrates the new month with a nod to Oriental’s Energizer Bunny, Miss Grace.

Leo The Lion | March 31, 2019

Leo. The lion. Leo was among 56 strutting canines in Saturday’s PAWS Pet Parade. Story coming Monday…

Best in Show 2019 | March 30, 2019

Fifty-six entries. Dragons, cowboys, banjo players, and more all strutted in the 14th annual PAWS Pet Parade. Princess Leia and Yoda (Traci Nolin and Gidget) took home Best in Show.

Maya the Lion | March 30, 2019

Maya went to the 2016 PAWS Pet Parade as a Lion. She, and her owner Heather Brewer, took home the Wild Beast Award. The 2019 PAWS Pet Parade is today, in Lou Mac Park at 11a. Registration starts at 10a.

Bounty at Twn Dock 2 | March 29, 2019

Bounty, a double ended gaff-rigged cutter, sits at Town Dock 2. She’s been on the hard at Deaton’s while her owners traveled for work. When her rigging is finished and a part for the engine comes in, she’ll be ready to sail. Click for the bigger pic and more of the Bounty