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Oriental’s harbor and the Town Dock. At left are the trawlers Lady Susie and Miss Kayden, at docks of Garland Fulcher Seafood. The Bean coffee shop is just behind the Town Dock where visiting boats may tie up for free for two nights.

Monday April 21, 2014

10:44a A post-script today to our story this weekend about the latest chapter in the saga of the Primadonna – the boat that’s been grounded on a reef in the far eastern Bahamas, while its French crew is grounded in a Detention Centre in Nassau.

The spotlight right now is on the crew of another cruising boat, Fata Morgana, – whose family of four went aboard Primadonna and helped themselves to winches, windlass and other equipment… … then blogged about it.

Now it appears, the Honorary French Consulate in Nassau has some questions for the Fata Morgana crew. On the Fata Morgana’s “The Life Nomadik” Facebook page is this posting from Italia Watkins-Jan of the Honorary French Consulate:

Please contact us immediately by e-mail at honsulfrance@afbahamas.org. The persons in question did not abandon the boat…it is merely “docked” there and you may encounter problems for removing their personal affairs without permission. They are still in the Bahamas. The authorities have been informed of this so you should contact us immediately regarding the return of said items.

Last postings from the Fata Morgana have them in the Dominican Republic.

Meanwhile, the story and its moral questions have been the subject of many a conversation this weekend here in the town whose harbor Primadonna homesteaded in for a year.

ferry logo6:50a The Minnesott / Cherry Branch Ferry is back on its regular schedule this morning.

Water levels are lower around town, although still higher than normal. On the Neuse still strong north winds today, finally calming Tuesday.

A small chance of showers this morning, but then partly sunny near 70 this afternoon.

Why Elmer, if sometimes you find yourself lost, maybe the Coast Guard Auxiliary can help. A Navigation course starts tomorrow.

Sunday April 20, 2014

ferry logo 11:08a High water levels (and high winds) have the Minnesott Beach/Cherry Branch ferry running on a one boat schedule today. That means the ferry is running – but only half the usual runs.

7:37a Despite high waters… The Bean is open. Boots help…

7:04a Two inches of rain fell yesterday on Oriental. Add the north winds, and there were some flooded streets.

We’ll get a bit of that today, although not so bad. Just 1/10” inch fell overnight. Today will be more of a light rain / cloudy / drizzle day. High near 60. Warmth is on the way though… Monday near 70, and Tuesday temps will rise to near 80.

Strong northeast winds today on both the Neuse [20-25 knots] and the Pamlico Sound [30-35 knots] will keep water levels high.

Saturday April 19, 2014

1:58p As a subject of conversation, the S/V Primadonna is the story that keeps on giving. The latest installment is about taking. The story is here.

We are getting swamped with rain. The Oriental Weather Station has recorded almost 2 inches — 1.82 to be exact — so far today. If you look at Harborcam you’ll see a far-reaching lake where the Duck Pond usually is.

All of this precip has prompted Nautical Wheelers to move their 3-5p wine tasting inside. As the Wheelers put it, “Join us inside, because not everyone has a squall suit.” French wines are being sampled today chez Wheelers. Just leave your parpluie at the door….

And out on the Neuse River, at Kinston, the team of kayakers from Oriental has decided the conditions have become such that it’s unwise to keep paddling toward Oriental. Bill Hines, Fred Schultz and Larry Summers spent the week coming down river from Raleigh to draw attention to next week’s Neuse River Clean Up Day. They’ve endured extreme cold (sleeping outdoors, mind you) and rain and today’s conditions. Report from the river is that they’re stopping for a beer at Mother Earth microbrewery. Cheers. Want to be part of the cleanup down here where the Neuse ends? Click here. If you want to help clean up the Oriental Town Beach, volunteers are needed for that next Saturday too.

6:32a Phew. Glad today’s weather didn’t land on the boat show. We have already received 3/4” of rain. More on the way – today’s a rainy windy one. A good day for indoor pursuits.

The Nautical Flea Market at the Provision Company previously scheduled for this morning will happen a week from today. (in nicer weather). The Provision Company is open today, however. Today might be a fine day to shop for foul weather gear.

Friday April 18, 2014

3:10p That rainy forecast for tomorrow morning could put a crimp on still more plans. The Methodist Church had planned an Easter egg hunt open to everyone, but with the skies looking like they’ll open up too, that event may be moving inside. Oriental’s Farmers’ Market, out there every Saturday of the year still on schedule for tomorrow though you may find some vendors inside the Wits End…

7:26a Good Friday has some clouds coming and the Oriental Weather Forecast calls for a rainy Saturday, at least in the morning. Because of that, tomorrow’s planned Nautical Flea Market has been postponed for a week.

In What’s Happening, the Old Theater’s showing Les Miserables on the big screen tonight as its Friday Flick. Tomorrow, Nautical Wheelers features French wines at its wine tasting. And if you want to do a good deed, the Red Cross is in town for a blood drive.

A trio of kayakers from Oriental hit the midway point in their Raleigh-to-Oriental trip yesterday. Bill Hines, Fred Schultz and Larry Summers making the trip to draw attention to next Saturday’s Neuse Clean Up Day. They camped overnight at Seven Springs, after a 25 mile run on Thursday, reports Liz Lathrop, who shared this update:

A neighborly lady with a bait and tackle shop let them set up in her backyard and they had a really fine flounder dinner at a new restaurant only open two weeks. Seven Springs is famous for a Civil War battle fought there where the Rebs burned the bridge. The further they get from Raleigh, the cleaner the water is. Saw lots of birds, ducks, Osprey and Red-tailed hawks. Friday they should land in Kinston …. they’ll be camping in a city park right on the river with Showers and a brewery nearby … Showers first … did I hear him correctly???

Today’s on the cover photo shows the anchorage in Oriental where the sailboat Primadonna and her French crew took up residence for much of last year. An update on the Primadonna story is coming….

Thursday April 17, 2014

Some call it a “Big Little Show”. Oriental may not have the biggest boat show on the planet, but it may be the best little boat show. TownDock.net was there:

Scenes From The Oriental Boat Show 2014

Oriental Boat Show 2014 Working Skiff

Oriental Boat Show Nautical Flea Market

Enjoy some almost perfect spring weather today & Friday… partly sunny, high near 60. Saturday has rain coming… then back to good stuff.

While Sunday may have been a big day for golf nationally (some guy named Bubba won a bright green jacket), Saturday two Pamlico golfers also won a green jacket. The Masters at Minnesott was a fundraiser for the recently re-established golf program at Pamlico High. Frankie Martin was the Men’s Champion, Mary Verdier won the Women’s.

The next event is The US Open at Minnesott, Saturday, June 14, 2014. The event sponsorship is still available – if you would like to step forward and support the PCHS competitive golf program, call Allen Propst, Tournament Director, at 252-671-4644 (cell) or email allenpropst@orientalncwaterfront.com.

Wednesday April 16, 2014

9:31a We’ve just come off of two big event weekends in Oriental. We get a breather for a week or two. But another big event on the horizon is the Art on the Neuse Outdoor Art and Music Festival on May 10 — that’s Mothers’ Day weekend. If you’re an artist, you can be part of it. Sign up’s happening now.

Pamlico Arts Council trying something new this year. PCAC has focussed on literature this year and brought some authors to Pamlico Public schools to do workshops with students. So for “Art on the Neuse,” here’s the deal: PCAC is challenging the artists – and the general public – to “Put A Word In.That is, to create one piece – painting, pottery, glasswork, you name the visual art – that weaves in the idea of words, and then bring it to the festival. Have a go at it – you’ve got a few weeks. Details are here. (Oh, and you can do a straight-ahead word art at the poetry readings that day, too.)

5:02aJust… when you thought you could put away that woolen coat, the Oriental Weather Forecast brings us tidings of temps in the low 50’s today. For a high.

The quartet of kayakers from Oriental who are paddling the Neuse River this week.. spent night two of their trek in Bentonville in Johnston County. They were sleeping out in tents last night, a chilly proposition. The four – Bill Hines, Jim Kellenberger, Fred Schultz and Larry Summers are paddling the 200+ miles to get a little publicity for the April 26 Neuse River Cleanup day. If you’re interested in doing your bit here, way downriver, there are a couple of ways. Click here. Or here.

We’re getting photos together – believe us, there were many to go thru — from the weekend’s Oriental Boat Show. A collection of photos from the Nautical Flea Market is here.

And a reminder: there’s another nautical flea market this Saturday alongside the Inland Waterway Provision Company. Call Pat if you want to be part of it. It’s free.

Tuesday April 15, 2014

A little rain must fall. And some thunder must storm. That’s your Oriental Weather Forecast for today.

Have a thought or observation about the recent Cycle NC weekend here in Oriental? By many, many accounts, the infusion of 1100 cyclists was a boon to the local economy, not to mention a pretty feel-good event overall. Local organizers — Doug Sligh and Mary Ann Parham — want some feedback about what could be done better. That discussion is this afternoon at 2 at Town Hall. Share your ideas…

One frequent visitor to Oriental, who’s been coming to town for years, wrote in the other day to say it would be great if the Cycle NC Coastal Ride weekend “came to Oriental every year.” For the past decade, Oriental has been on a three-year hosting rotation with two other coastal towns. That could be changing, and not in a way our reader might wish…

Ragan Williams with Cycle NC says that that organization will be meeting in coming weeks to decide if a 4th eastern, coastal town would be added to that list. That could mean a longer wait for the event.

Another adventure is underway this week. Four guys from Oriental – Creekeeper Bill Hines, Larry Summers, Fred Schultz and Neuse RiverKeeper Foundation President Jim Kellenberger are paddling their kayaks from Raleigh to here, to spread the word about the April 26th Neuse River Clean Up day. Plan was to launch yesterday from Falls Lake Dam and paddle downstream in kayaks laden down with all their food and camping gear. Could take 9 days says Bill, because they are making a point to stop and talk with those folks upstream about cleaning up the river.

Just the other day, a dozen kayakers wrapped up a similar journey here in Oriental — the cancer-awareness group, Hope Floats NC took 8 days to cover the 200+ miles of the Neuse. They landed at the dinghy dock on Saturday.

Oriental’s Tourism Board holds its monthly meeting tonight at 5:30p. Planning Board’s at 7p. In What’s Happening, the Red Cross has a blood drive on Friday. Also that night, it’s time for April’s Friday Flick at the Old Theater – Les Miserables is the feature that night…