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barry beauchamp
At the Florence-Whortonsville fire station the flag flies at half-staff for Barry Beauchamp who passed away in early February. Tomorrow, fellow volunteer firefighters and first responders as well as friends and family will gather for a memorial service at Pamlico Community College to honor Barry, who got the first responder program started in Oriental, and in time, the rest of the county. The cortege, including a fire truck bearing his ashes, will start at the Florence-Whortonsvillle fire house.

Thursday February 26, 2015

Wet. Rain is wearing down the snow that remains from our Tuesday blast of winter. Above freezing today and next few days, the Oriental Weather Forecast puts our overnight lows in the upper 20’s for a couple of nights.

It’s looking like the balmy relief — by which we mean highs in the 50’s — isn’t here til Sunday.

Saturday morning, fellow volunteer firefighters and first responders are paying tribute to Barry Beauchamp who passed away earlier this month. Barry was 73 and in the late 1990’s, he and Ben Barnett became Oriental’s first first responders, responding to 911 calls in town before Pamlico Rescue’s ambulance crew could arrive.

The first responders were life-savers. And Barry was a calming presence. That first responder idea spread in the county and Barry Beauchamp did a lot training for volunteer firefighters and first responders at fire stations beyond Oriental.

He was most recently a member of the Florence-Whortonsville Station 25 and that’s where the cortege begins at 8:30 Saturday as two trucks head out from there – one carrying Barry’s ashes – down Straight Road to the Oriental Station 19 where two more trucks will join in and drive towards Pamlico Community College for a 10a memorial service.

Hope Cinic is looking for physicians and pharmacists for its service of offering health care to the uninsured. Can you help? More details, here.

Wednesday February 25, 2015

11:04a Our most recent tango with Mother Nature is affecting another. We just got word from the county manager’s office that tonight’s planned Pamlico County Public Information Meeting on Hurricane Irene Unmet Needs has been cancelled. It was to have been at the courthouse at 7p, but again, it i’n‘t happening cos of the snowy weather.

That there is a meeting 3-1/2 years after Irene provides some perspective about our occasional bouts of winter here. Snow melts relatively quickly. You don’t deal with its impact for anywhere as long as you do from a hurricane.

(Okay, Bunky, so if that thought doesn’t warm you, move a bit closer to the space heater. Just make sure it’s vented….)

6:31a No Bean this morning, the winter wimps hard-working baristas couldn’t get in to work. Brantley’s will be open at 7a.

Roads are icy/crunchy. It is OK if you drive slowwwwly. Got it Bunky? Slowly.

The only road in town that is cleared is Broad Street (Highway 55) – it being a state road. Everything else is going to have to wait for the sun.

We should get some clearing from warm(er) temps today… high 41. But more ice & snow are in tonight’s forecast.

Here are photos from a snowy day in Oriental…

Tuesday February 24, 2015

4:08p Add rain to that snow. Snow’s holding its own for now, but it’s sloggy and soggy going and cold to boot. Nonetheless, we can report that Nautical Wheelers is in fact, open. This just in from Bill Wheeler.

Just wanted to update you on our winter storm hours. We are open till 5:30, walks are clear and it’s a good night for an Italian red. Open until 5:30, 363 days a year.

And Chris and the crew aren’t letting a little snow/slush/sleet stop what’s become a Tuesday ritual — the BOGO pizza at the Silos. Yes, you can get pie tonight.

3:18p The view looking out on the Town Dock:

2:30p Be careful on those roads. The snow came down in big flakes for the better part of 4 hours. Accumulation was about one paw deep when it stopped snowing earlier this hour. Sleet’s in the outlook now.

The going can be slippery, so please take it easy — if you absolutely have to drive anywhere. Those cautionary comments made.. it sure looks beautiful around town right now. The many birds already in the area are showing up in great relief against this white backdrop.

We get word that Pamlico County government offices have closed for the day. Schools were already closed.

But snow is just one of those things to work thru if you recall the old Post Office pledge. Mark, the postmaster, says the Oriental PO is open til its regular closing time of 4:30p.

And in an update on today’s On The Cover photo, a crew did excavation work today to remove the underground storage tanks at Miss Ruth’s (the TnC)

11:39a That snow’s coming down and it is sticking. Big flakes. Harborcam will show you a white plank where the Town Dock on Hodges usually is. The rest of the harbor’s looking pretty magical, too, as the snow falls.

But maybe, Bunky, you’re looking for a somewhat warmer image. Don’t you move an inch. Well, maybe one inch… to click right here for lots of photos from Saturday’s Indoor Dragon Boat Race.

It was a first in the US, right here in Oriental. (Winnipeg, up in even colder Canada, lays claim to the first on this continent, but Oriental, it seems, can take the US braggin’ rights.) Check out the spectacle…

9:18a Heartworks says its 10a-noon open house for would-be volunteers is still a go. The youth services organization in Bayboro is looking for mentors to work with the kids to help them with reading, math or to teach a host of other interests. (Maybe the potential volunteers who venture in today could lead a session on coping with inclement weather….) For those less inclined to drive today, a second session is planned sometime in coming weeks.

6:56a Ready for February to be over? We’re in the homestretch. But wait..we’re not catching a break. Winter weather advisory in effect thru 10 tonight. We’re getting the winter sampler plate today, sez the Oriental Weather Forecast At various points in the day, snow, sleet, freezing rain. Only in the mid 30’s today. School’s cancelled in Pamlico County.

When’s it getting warmer, you ask? If, by warmer you mean temps in the 40’s, that’ll be Saturday. If you’re a bit more warm-blooded, Sunday’s high in the way upper 50’s may be more to your liking. And Monday next week? Mid-60’s. That murmur you hear is the collective countdown….

Sunday February 22, 2015

It’s warmer – temps in the 50’s – as we wake up than it’s been in a while. (It may have seemed like an Ice Age but it was only a week.) One upshot of this warmth is a serious fog and it’s weaving across the landscape this morning. Harborcam captures one angle.

Lots of splashing in the pool at the Village Club yesterday for what’s thought to be the first-ever-in-the-US indoor dragon boat festival. Competitors were all in the same boat, teams paddling against each other. More photos coming.

This afternoon, Oriental’s History Museum opens its Feathered Friends of Oriental exhibit. Many birders in the area have contributed photos of birds in the area. Stop on by for a chance to see the aviary — without having to stand out in the cold… Details are in What’s Happening.

Saturday February 21, 2015

It’s gonna be 50 degrees today… you can leave your long underwear in the drawer.

Friday February 20, 2015

7:08a Reports of intermittent power outages from Tideland customers around the county continue this morning. Tideland has been texting customers requesting they turn off their hot water heaters to conserve power. Power has been stable in Oriental (Duke Energy).

6:50a Eleven. The overnight low (so far) at 6:41a this morning. Hey, we’ve stayed in double digits.

Power was out overnight for many Tideland customers around the county… it went out about 4a and returned 5:30a~ish. It’s the heavy load from thousands of electric heaters. Power companies have been asking folks to use less power on the coldest days this week.

It won’t get above freezing today… high mid 20s… dry and sunny though. It gets warmer (and wetter) over the weekend.

Thursday February 19, 2015

Year of the Goat (or depending on how you translate it, the sheep or ram) is upon us with the start of the Asian New Year. But Oriental’s Chinese Dragon is not dancing in this new year as had been planned for today because even sheep and goats wouldn’t stand out in this weather. Well, not the smart ones, anyway.

The Chinese Dragon Run has been moved to Saturday so you can still see it then and take part and do so under balmier skies. (There is an end in sight for this Ice Age.)

Still happening today — inside the warmth of Marsha’s Cottage — is a trunk show. It’s to introduce two area artisans whose work will be for sale at Marsha’s. In addition to the central heating, Marsha will be serving wine and refreshments.. Stop on by and cure that cabin fever, Bunkarina…

If you’ve got some old blankets you may want to drape them over some of your yard shrubs. Temps dropping thru the floor tonight.. a low of 9 degrees. When you consider that last night it got to 21 and would set a dog’s teeth to chattering, 9 is, well, even more bloody cold. Details are in the Oriental Weather Forecast

Wednesday February 18, 2015

Chinese New Years is tomorrow… and there was a plan for our town. For the past few years on Chinese New Years (sometimes in January, sometimes in February, depending on the moon) the Chinese Dragon has run on Hodges Street. It was set for Thursday at 4p. But.

But then Mom Nature intervened. Tomorrow’s forecast high is just in the mid 20s, combined with winds expected around 20 mph. Not exactly ideal weather for an outdoor crowd to see a Hodges Strreet Dragon dancing. So, Thursday’s festivities are cancelled. But the Chinese Dragon still will do its dance… Saturday at noon to open the Indoor Dragon Boat Festival at Village Health & Fitness in Oriental.

Meanwhile, from the warmth of your perch, take in prior year’s Chinese New Years in Oriental:

Tuesday February 17, 2015

4:30p Staying warm? Tonight’s low of 25 is about to sound toasty. Wednesday night’s forecast low… 17. Thursday night’s low: 9. Nine. A single digit.

TownDock reader Bob Miller notes that heat pumps can get iced up. He writes in with this tip:

This afternoon I observed the protective grill on the top of my heat pump was iced up to the point there was very little air circulation. Gentle tapping with a mallet broke the ice off and now it runs fine.

6:57a No snow… but watch out for ice this morning. Overnight about 3/4” of rain, but that precipitation is now coming down mixed with ice. Road reports have been positive… good traction, including on the bridge.

That said, with ice coming down those conditions could change quickly. Drive carefully, and avoid driving if you can.

Monday February 16, 2015

2:53p It’s in the forecast and the conditions are there — it’s below freezing at mid-afternoon and the skies have that ‘snow’ look. No snow yet, though. It’s just bloody cold. Winter weather advisory is in effect, through, tomorrow afternoon.

The prospect of dicey weather has prompted the Pamlico Chorale to cancel its rehearsal tonight.

8:09a Brr. Chance of snow sometime today says the Oriental Weather Forecast. Bundle up. We’re in for a cold ride for most of this week. Subfreezing temps every night straight thru til Saturday.

But there’s beaucoup to do this week to warm your soul. Mardi Gras, yes, but in Oriental, that same position of the moon that starts Lent also leads to the Asian lunar new year and a bunch of festivities here.

There’s the Chinese dragon run on Thursday afternoon down by the harbor and the indoor dragon boat race on Saturday at the Village Club pool.

A successful inaugural run came last night for the Pamlico Musical Society’s “Recitals on the River” series at River Dunes Harbor Club. The Malarme Chamber Players trio from Durham performed baroque selections.

The recital series comes about because Pamlico Musical Society wanted to add more classical music dates to its schedule, but had found the classical concerts weren’t selling out at the Old Theater compared to their jazz and Americana shows.

Enter River Dunes and the smaller and more intimate space at a the Harbor Club. It worked. Acoustics were great in the room — which, when you looked up, and around, did resemble the nave and sides of a church and seemed fitting for the unamplifiied music performed there. Seating was comfortable too..

Marilyn Nevison of the PaMuSo says two more Recitals on the River are planned for the 2015-16 season.

Ben Casey is looking for a book. His book. He wrote it. But he doesn’t have copies – he sold them all. Ben writes in:

I need a few copies of “Living Waters,” my book on the Trent River. The first edition is out of print and a second edition has not yet been printed. If you purchased this book and have permanently stored the copy and images in your memory bank, consequently no longer needing a hard copy, I will purchase it from you for the retail price you paid. Email ben@towndock.net.

Sunday February 15, 2015

Our sympathies go out to the family and friends of Carol Erwin. Carol died this morning after an extended battle with cancer. Her husband Ashley writes in:

Carol passed away comfortably this morning at home with her cat BO sleeping next to her. The cancer gave her a rough fight and took her but to me her spirit won the war. She loved us all and gave us her spirit and inspiration. She worried more about us, her family and friends, than she did about herself during this ordeal. Your support has been wonderful.

I will let you know about arrangements later. Her love to all of you, Ashley Erwin

Tonight will see temperatures into the teens. It won’t be the only night this week like that… lows into the teens expected again later in the week. Indeed, every night for the coming week will plunge below freezing. The next “warmish” day won’t be until next weekend… Saturday should see high 40s maybe 50. Until then, brrrrrrr.