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describe shot
The Starting Line, a painting by Mimi Dixon. Her work can be seen at Village Gallery on Oriental’s Harbor. Real starting lines can be seen this weekend at the Dragon’s Breath Regatta.

Thursday July 31, 2014

7:46a From the 8a Tropical Outlook (the info usually appears earlier than the stated time):

A well-defined low pressure system located about 650 miles east of the southern Windward Islands has been producing organized shower and thunderstorm activity during the past several hours. If this activity persists, tropical depression or tropical storm advisories will be initiated later this morning.

Stand by for Bertha.

Fine day ahead… mid 80s, not much chance of rain. The weekend could be wet though…

6:50a Elmer, you’ve just about survived July 2014. The month started out with a great Croakerfest, parade and regatta.

The stormy thing out in the far eastern Atlantic continues to mess with our minds. Not a declared storm yet – NOAA has it at 60% now at 70% (nudged up in the 8a Tropical Outlook update) that it may be one in the next couple days.

The good news is that most of the early computer models show the likely path staying at sea… favoring a course closer to Bermuda than our fair city (or somewhere in between):
computer models

Wednesday July 30, 2014

1:57p The “disturbance” in the eastern Atlantic looks a bit less like it will form into a tropical storm. The latest update from NOAA has it a 50 % chance of forming into a storm in the next couple days (down from an 80% chance this time yesterday). In the Forecaster’s Discussion it states THE SYSTEM LACKS ANY ORGANIZED SIGNIFICANT DEEP CONVECTION – which does sound like an awkward social problem for a would-be adolescent storm. Until it gets more organized, it remains some swirly thunderstorms at sea.

TownDock is keeping an eye on this… if it forms and gets enough force to be named… the next name in line for 2014 is Bertha.

The forecast for the next few days – August. Perhaps a bit cooler than average.

Gentle winds for tonight’s Wednesday Night Sail Race, 5 to 10 knots should be enough to push the boats around the marks.

Tuesday July 29, 2014

8:00a The “disturbance” in the far eastern Atlantic looks like it will be declared a tropical depression… possibly later today. More info on the Hurricane Tracking page. The computer models are inconclusive at this stage, but have enough information to get your attention:
computer models

7:09a Last nights thunderstorm included an addition – hail. It came down in near golf ball size at Minnesott Beach (see above). Readers report big hail at Arapahoe too, and some much smaller “pea sized” hail in Oriental.

Comfortably cooler for the next few days, highs staying in the mid 80s, and not much chance of rain.

Results in from ODC’s weekend racing:

Saturday was One Design day for the Oriental Dinghy Club. The day’s racing was delayed about 20 minutes due to light rain. The rain wasn’t a significant factor, but it was accompanied with wind shifts that resulted in PRO, Charlie Nelson, raising the “AP” flag…meaning the ‘race start is being delayed’. ap flag
This is an AP flag

The Ensign Fleet had 3 races with the final one coming down to the wire. It was an incredibly close finish. ZIP, skippered by Bill Kirsch, won that race and 2 out of 3 for the day. For the season, ZIP holds a one win lead over BOUNTY, skippered by Charlie Carpenter.

In the Sunfish Fleet, it was almost a case of ‘the last man standing’. Jerry Dasson’s tiller extension came off. He raced on, but it was difficult to be competitive. Joe Grimm bowed out due to rigging issues. The day belonged to George Secrist and Paul Welles – each had 2 firsts and 2 seconds. George has a commanding lead for the season’s standings to date.

This coming weekend is the 2014 Dragon’s Breath Regatta at Oriental Harbor Marina.

Monday July 28, 2014

7:32a If you regularly check out TownDock’s Hurricane Tracking page you may have noticed it looks a bit different now. We are taking advantage of new data available from NOAA – the standard two day Tropical Weather Outlook is now Five (5) days.

hurricane trackingFor example, this morning there is a disturbance southwest of the Cape Verde Islands (near Africa). While it has a 30% chance of becoming a tropical system in the next 48 hours – NOAA data indicates a 70% chance in the next 5 days. On the graphic the X marks where the disturbance is, the red shaded area the area where it would likely be when (or if) it becomes a tropical system.

This tool gives you a better “heads up” about any potential tropical systems.

If this morning’s “disturbance” does become a tropical system, and gathers enough strength to be named… the next 2014 name is Bertha. It is too early for useful computer models, but it initially appears it would head through the Caribbean, with Florida a more likely target than our shores.

If Bertha seems a familiar name – a hurricane named Bertha landed at Wilmington NC in 1996, then heading inshore through eastern NC (it passed west of Oriental).

Saturday July 26, 2014

8:50a If your life’s one anchor (or dinghy, mosquito net or brass scale) short of perfection, there’s still time to set things right. The Nautical Fleamarket runs ‘til noon. In front of the Provision Company.

Just down the street at the Farmers’ Market, plenty of honey, sausage, watermelons and fresh produce are to be had. Nothing like some just-harvested veg to go with that Rocna anchor you didn’t know you needed. Come on down.

Friday July 25, 2014

On the Saturday list: Nautical Fleamarket Saturday morning at the Provision Company. The Farmers’ Market will be underway at the same time right next to the Fleamarket on Hodges St. PCC holds its “Fresh Start” Open House Saturday from 10a-2p. ghost walk

Saturday night, take a stroll into the paranormal – Dale Montgomery’s Ghost Walk starts at 8:30p near the dinghy dock. Dale has collected numerous stories that really do explore the history of Oriental and the area… it’s a good mix of storytelling with a dash of nocturnal fear. More details about all these events are in What’s Happening.

Walmart is in the news this morning – Walmart America’s CEO Bill Simon is leaving the company. Simon has a second home at River Dunes. walmart express

Last year, there had been some conjecture that Simon’s occasional local presence was what led to Oriental getting a Walmart Express (it opened in May just a few feet from the Oriental town limits). While possible, Walmart did indeed announce two years ago that North Carolina was going to be the test market for deployment of the new smaller stores (there are now about 20 of the Express stores around the state).

Re Simon’s departure, there is a relatively kind article in the Wall St Journal – and a not-so-nice story in Forbes.

Meanwhile, back in Oriental. A chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. Saturday looks like it should avoid getting wet. On the water, light winds.

Thursday July 24, 2014

claret jug11:52a This past weekend golf was in the news. At The British Open some young whippersnapper named Rory McIlroy whupped up on Tiger Woods, and won the Open and the Claret Jug.

But that wasn’t the only British Open. At the same time, there was a British Open (well, maybe slightly less British) at Minnesott Golf & CC. It beat that other Open… two Claret Jugs were awarded.

6:59a Monohull or multihull? Cat or tri? It’s a discussion/argument often heard at The Bean. It gets about as many converts as a Baptist vs Episcopalian debate, but we humans have to argue about something. A recent Town Dock visitor spurred some new dialogue… a 40 foot tri named Jaz.

Prepare to get wet today… 70% chance of rain. Thunderstorms possible this morning, but quite likely this afternoon. Highs into the upper 80s.

OK, Bunky. You’re trying to move up in the world, to put some extra gait in your step. Today is the day. The Dragon Boat practice is at 6p. The Drumming Dragons beat their drums at 7p. The UHOOs (Ukulele Hoalohas of Oriental) play at 3:30p. More info in What’s Happening. Carry On…