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Lights of the season on the Oriental harbor. The Oriental Star was lighted during the Spirit of Christmas weekend.

Wednesday December 17, 2014

2:55p You may have heard fire sirens early this morning. There was a fire… on a sailboat at Whittaker Pointe Marina (off White Farm Rd near Dolphin Point). The sailboat Lz Sea Dogs burned to the waterline and sank.

Still more photos from the past weekend’s Spirit of Christmas. You can check out the Friday night lights. here. Saturday’s parade, is here.

Up in to the upper 50’s today. Not quite as warm as yesterday, but none too shabby for mid-December, either. Details are in the Oriental Weather Forecast.

Tuesday December 16, 2014

If you missed Saturday’s Spirit of Christmas parade — or if you’d just like to see all the reindeer, pigs, and dogs and cool old vehicles again — take a break from what you’re doing and have a look at the many pages of photos from Spirit 2014.

Monday December 15, 2014

It’s your Christmas gift a week and a half early: another beautiful clear day. The Oriental Weather Forecast has temps in the mid 50s today and on in to the 60s tomorrow, though tomorrow’s got a good chance of rain.

This year’s Spirit of Christmas had a fine tone to it, like a mellowed jingle bell. From the lighted boats – big and small — on Friday night, the Pamlico High chorus leading the carols and keeping folks in key, to the parade midday on Saturday and what turned out to be two nights of luminaria (because there were extras left over.) Kudos to the folks who pulled it all together. We have photos and will endeavour to get them on line as we can…

There’s still more ahead this week. There’s a holiday concert Saturday night with not only Christmas songs, but those from Ravel and Warlock. It’s presented by Abigail Mitchell and Oliver Henderson, (soprano and tenor) at the Old Theater, as a benefit for the Theater. One night Carnegie Hall, another night, the Old Theater. Thanks to Oriental resident Don Henderson for bringing his son and daughter-in-law to town. More details on the concert and tickets, here.

Sunday December 14, 2014

The judges have spoken. Here are The Spirit Of Christmas Judges Awards:

  • Christmas Musical Award: PCHS Band
  • Reindeer Games Award: First Citizens Bank
  • Most Gracious Award: 11 Piping Pipers / TownDock.net
  • Glamorous Puppies Award: Oriental Village Veterinary Hospital
  • Christmas Package Award: Grant Garman
  • Rigsby Rocks Superstar Award: Rufus Edwards et al
  • Most Prepared For The Holiday Award: Cubs & Scouts Pack/Troop 683
  • Best Santa Look-alike Award: Croaker Festival
  • Most Athletic Award: Minnesott Country Club
  • Holly & Ivy Award: Oriental Tree Board
  • Best Dressed Golf Cart Award: Picketts Last Charge
  • Best Treats Award: Pamlico Community College
  • Larry Walker Memorial Award: Roe Family (with Leesed Grandchildren)
  • Whoville Award: Daniela Norman
  • Holiday Princess Award: Pilgrims Chapel
  • Nautical But Nice Award: Bruno Family

Saturday December 13, 2014

6:42a Wandering about town around 6a this morning, many of the luminaria were still lit. About 30% still burned, still lining town streets with light.

We must be livin’ right. Perfect weather ahead today… and for several days to come. Clear, highs near 60.

Last night saw two flotillas. A baker’s dozen of lighted & decorated kayaks were in the harbor (including one standing paddleboarder). Look farther out in the harbor, and the sailboat flotilla could be clearly seen slowly passing by. More photos from the whole scene coming, but meanwhile here are a few:
Spirit xmas 2014
Spirit xmas 2014
Spirit xmas 2014

The parade is today at 1p – and there’s a zillion more things going on before & after. The complete schedule is here….

Friday December 12, 2014

It’s a little busy around Otown today… Spirit Of Christmas action everywhere. The printed Spirit Schedules are out & around town, but they are missing a few things. So, by the magic of the internet – here is the online Spirit Of Christmas 2014 Schedule.

Is there a Spirit Of Christmas event we’ve missed on the schedule? Email it in to info@towndock.net.

Perfect December weather. OK, it is kinda cold. It’s December, Bunky. Sunny and 50 today, and up to a steamy 55 Saturday. Enjoy.

Tonight @ the Old Theater – Friday Flicks. Joyeux Noel, 7:30p. Tickets just $5.50, popcorn included. Here’s the trailer:

Thursday December 11, 2014

3:02p The Spirit Of Christmas Schedule will be available in paper form around town tomorrow. You can also download the 2014 Spirit Of Christmas Schedule – click here.

10:52a We have received multiple emails this morning about a wandering dog. It’s the guy at right. Friendly. Looks like some Husky in him. Was by The Bean this morning, but the reports are from all over town. Is this your dog or do you know the owner? *** Owner Found ***

7:19a Almosttt freezing overnight, the low 33 at 6:06a. Today’s high might hit 50, low tonight likely below freezing.

There was a massive turnout for luminaria bag folding Tuesday at The Silos. Folks pitched in and got it done (available pizza and beer didn’t hurt either). Today its luminaria assembly at the Fire Station on Straight Rd… get your elf skills over there around 4:30p.

Saturday @ 1p is the big parade on Broad St. Friday night has the Christmas flotilla. Joe Valinoti is the flotilla organizer – he has enough boats registered to make the flotilla happen – but if you want to join the flotilla we think Joe would still let you.

Boats rendezvous at Oriental marker “1” at 1630 on Friday Dec 12 and proceed on a the route (Joe will provide it to flotilla boats). Those participating and desiring a reserved slip at the new, free, town dock will be provided one on a first to register basis. This dock is reserved from Friday noon until Sunday noon. A limited amount of electricity will be provided at this dock for lighting only. We will also have free overflow slips available throughout Oriental for out of area or out of town boaters.

Please contact Joe Valinoti via email at joesail1@gmail.com for flotilla instructions including slip assignments.

Click here to download the Christmas Flotilla Entry Form.

Wednesday December 10, 2014

If you see Charlie Garrett today wish him a happy birthday (seven oh). Charlie says that Sunfish sailing (& racing) helps keep him young.

The rains are over, we’re into crisp clear December weather. Highs near 50 and lows around freezing through the weekend. Clear skies ahead for the Spirit Of Christmas.

We’ve had kayak voyagers travel through Oriental before. In 2008 a Wilmington couple came through on a kayak named TurtleTwo – northbound on the ICW.

This past weekend Oriental had a southbound kayak visitor. It’s a 2,500 voyage raising money for a children’s school in Guatemala.

Tuesday December 9, 2014

Today’s quote is about foldin’. When ya fold ‘em is tonight. Lumanaria folding at The Silos.

High northeast winds pushed water levels almost a couple feet higher yesterday. Today winds become northwest, and then later from the west. They’ll stay west for a few days. That will likely have the opposite effect – pulling water out of our creeks and seeing water levels lower than usual.

Monday December 8, 2014

Are you straitlaced, or rebellious?

Coming to the Old Theater in March 2015 is the play “Love Letters”. There are just two characters – a rebellious woman and a straitlaced man who have corresponded for half a century. Perhaps you might be one of them. Auditions are this week, starting tonight.

Time for some Christmas Spirit. This Friday & Saturday is Spirit Of Christmas in Oriental. This year the luminaria will light up the village Friday night.

Thousands of bags with candles in ‘em just don’t happen their on their own Bunky. Elves actually have to make ‘em.

That’s where you come in. Marsha Paplham is the Chief Luminarian – Marsha says it’s time for you to stand up and come to the aid of your village:

  • Luminaria bag folding Tuesday Dec 9 starting 4:30p at The Silos.
  • Thursday is Luminaria assembly – it starts at 4:30p at The Fire Station.
  • Friday is Luminaria deployment to the streets of Oriental – meet 3:30p at The Fire Station.

Call Marsha if you have any questions at the Luminaria Hotline: 252-249-0334.

Saturday December 6, 2014

Not the sunniest of Saturdays. Chance o’precip 90% today in the Oriental Weather Forecast. Call it 100% – it’s raining.

But look ahead to next Friday’s clearer skies when the Spirit of Christmas kicks off. One event that made a splash last year was the lighted small boat parade. By small, we mean, kayaks, canoes, rowing dinghies. A half dozen paddlers made their motorless way in to the harbor, with their craft lighted in outlines. It was a beautiful sight.

They’re doing it again this year and the hope is for more paddlers to take part Friday night and be part of a bigger tableau (larger boats will be lit up on the harbor, and we’re told, luminaries will light the street that night and there’ll be a small Christmas Market.)

Larry Summers has more on the night’s events and how to be part of the lighted kayak and canoe contingent….

We will meet at the Oriental Wildlife Ramp at about 4:30 PM and be ready to launch at about 4:50. Sunset is at around 4:30 and it gets dark a little after 5. The High School Choir should be singing Christmas Songs and the Christmas Star will be lit at 5:30. We should be paddling into the Harbor just as it gets dark. We are inviting any paddle/rowed vessel to join us. 12 volt Led lights are the ones to use and they are available wherever Christmas lights are sold. They generally use AA Batteries and last a long time with the LED lights. The ones I used last year still work. Call Larry Summers at 252-675-0467 if you have any questions.