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wet down substation 19-2
Volunteer firefighters from several Pamlico County stations helped dedicate the new Sub Station 19-2 Saturday by spraying down the building on Orcharad Creek Road. The substation near River Dunes will serve the neighborhoods in that part of the Oriental/Southeast Pamlico fire district. The Station 19 firefighters (at left) returned fire – or water – as part of the dedication. To see the county’s first substation, click here.)

Tuesday May 26, 2015

Well, that was a busy weekend. Lots more folks in town to kick off the summer. As you walked or rode around town you’d notice the front porches were putting in some extra duty,

Coming up this weekend – classical music and paddling. Francesco Attesti’s at the Old Theater Saturday night in a show sponsored by the Old Theater and the Oriental Rotary. You can get tix. More here.

And if you missed the 3 days of Paddling in Pamlico this weekend, you get another go at that beautiful Upper Broad Creek trip. Kayakers, canoeists and stand-up paddleboarders are invited to take part in the 2nd annual HD Reach trip – it’s to raise awareness about Huntington’s Disease. Details are here.

Lot’s more going on in What’s Happening. If you read ahead a week, there’s the public hearing coming up next Tuesday night over the proposed Town budget for the fiscal year starting in July. “You can get a look at the budget and more, here.”:Town Managers Budget Message 2015-2016.pdf

Sunday May 24, 2015

What a great Saturday – the kind of day that banished memories of the winter’s chill, without bringing on the summer’s heat. Perfect weather to be outside and there was lots to do out there…

Silospalooza 3, at the Silos’ new Red Rooster stage and road house, drew lots of folks to hear and dance to the bands. 7 brave souls took part in the pizza eating contest (photos coming) and a real rooster, a real red rooster, stalked throughout the joint.

Out on the waters, yesterday was Day One of Paddling in Pamlico. Today the kayakers have a choice of three routes, all of which converge on Paradise Cove Marina at one point. More details are here. The intrepid paddlers have yet one more day on the waters planned for tomorrow too..

Yesterday was a big one for the firefighters of the brand new Substation 19-2 on Orchard Creek Road. The building across from River Dunes was dedicated at midday and in accordance with tradition, there was a “wet down” ceremony. For that, other fire departments turned their hoses on the new building — and the volunteers there respondedlikewise. (Think a water gun fight with a lot of water pressure.)

The new station is right across from River Dunes front entrance and will serve that and neighboring parts of the Oriental – Southeastern Pamlico Volunteer Fire District. We’re told the volunteer firefighters will respond to all calls in the district. 8 of the district’s new volunteers live in River Dunes.

If you’re out on the roads, you may want to take a bit more care. There are more folks around for the Memorial Day weekend, walking and cycling, but there are also more turtles on the roads, too. Sometimes so small they’re not noticeable until you’re almost upon them.

And in other Wildlife in Oriental news, this coda to last week’s alligator-in-Whittaker-Creek story. We’d reported that some folks were wondering if it might be a crocodile instead. Bob Miller says it’s unliklely.

Regarding the question of crocodiles versus alligators in North Carolina. Years ago I worked in south Florida for the Florida Forest Service. There were crocodiles only in the very southern part of Florida. The rest of the state has alligators but not crocs. This from Wikipedia:

‘American crocodiles, unlike American alligators, are extremely susceptible to cold temperatures and live exclusively within tropical waters. During 2009, unusually cold weather in southern Florida resulted in the deaths of about 150 wild American crocodiles, including a well-known crocodile which inhabited Sanibel Island far north of their natural range.’

It’s reasonable then, to call the creature in the creek, a gator. Rule of thumb: Crocs that show up here in Oriental are the ones on people’s feet.

One more thing that bears mentioning. Pause in your walk or ride thru town to literally smell the flowers. Clover and privet and honeysuckle are working their magic this week.

Friday May 22, 2015

We’re lucking out weatherwise this Memorial Day weekend. Sunny skies for starters and no mention of precip thru Monday.

Good thing too, for a couple of big outdoor events. Tomorrow afternoon and in to the night, Chris Daniels and the crew at The Silos are staging their third annual Silospalooza music fest. Five bands, a bunch of musical offerings from Americana, country, blues, jazz. Good beer to drink, too.

New scene for Silospalooza this year — it’ll be behind the Silos on the Red Rooster stage. It’s proving to be a great space to watch a show. Another change from the first 2 Silospaloozii —- if you were looking forward to kicking up some dust as you did before in the front-parking-lot dust, sorry. Dancing this year is on the more forgiving grass…

Silospalooza starts at 1p and runs til way dark..

Earlier in the day, of course, you can be part of Paddling in Pamlico — Saturday is the first of three days of paddling all over the County. Bill Hines and Larry Summers have put together a variety of courses for all skill levels. More details here…

As far as we know, there are no plans to kayak up Whittaker Creek’s western prong. That’s where an alligator has been sighted a couple of times since late last week. We’ve yet to see it out of the water, but given its head size, one woman who lives nearby has pegged the gator as being 5-6 feet long.

Another resident, Russ Boltz, wrote in to put the current reports of this gator in to historical context:

Have you recalled that you did a similar story in 2005, which referred to a small ‘gator by Deaton’s that was about 2 feet long? “Today’s” gator is probably that one, grown up. That would make her/him one of the longer-term residents of Oriental.

Click here for that 2005 story.

For the record, we understand there’s some debate of whether this is a ‘gator or a crocodile. No one’s been quite close enough to get a look at the shape of its snout — one telltale way of differentiating.

Thursday May 21, 2015

High in the mid-80’s and some thunderstorms this afternoon. The Oriental Weather Forecast says those storms could bring hail and gusty winds…

Tonight, the Pamlico Arts Council is at the Old Theater for its annual members’ meeting. If you’re thinking of becoming a member, you’re invited, too. Wine tasting, nibbles and a presentation on the animation art of Chuck Jones’ Warners cartoons – think, the Wabbit.

Wednesday May 20, 2015

That deluge last night wet the ground a bit. Today’s
Oriental Weather Forecast gives us a reprieve from the rain and yesterday’s energy-zapping high of 88. Cooler – low 80’s — followed by a string of days in the 70’s.

May that gives you something to sing about…. It being Wednesday, it’s open mic night at The Silos tonight. Jam session tomorrow night at Pamlico Community College.

The really big show is coming up on Saturday with the 3rd Annual Silospalooza. This year, for the first time, the bands are playing on the new stage – the Red Rooster – behind the Silos. Plenty of space to dance on the grass there. THings kick off at 1p with the Del RIos, followed by the Opry Band, The Rockets, Saltwater Gold and the Blues Casters…

For years, down on Orchard Creek Road across from the River Dunes entrance there’s been a sign marking the site of a future fire station. Now it’s a reality – a SubStation to Oriental’s Station 19, it’ll be called 19B and manned largely by folks living in that part of the fire district. 19B is the first substation in Pamlico County’s system of volunteer-staffed fire districts. On Saturday, there’ll be a dedication ceremony.

Lots more going on in the What’s Happening calendar.

Monday May 18, 2015

Summer looms. Case in point: today’s Oriental Weather Forecast. High close to 90 and our old friend, the chanceofafternoonthunderstorm. Chance of rain for a few other days this week, too but temps from here on oughta be a couple of notches cooler.

So, you have been counting the days til the new season of The Bachelorette. (your secret’s safe with us, ) Or okay, let’s put it another way. Say you’re just clicking thru the channels tonight and happen upon, “The Bachelorette.”

Take a close look. Among the men competing to be picked by the bachelorette, you may see a face that looks familiar.

That would be Ryan Beckett who stayed a while in Oriental last June. It was a boat that brought him here.. with some prompting from Pat Thomaier and her husband, John Messer.

Pat says they met Ryan while cruising in northeastern NC:

We first saw Ryan bobbing across the Albemarle on a C&C 30 , conspicuous because there were no lifelines, and he was alone. At the Alligator River Marina that night, Ryan introduced himself, and explained that he’d just bought the boat in Long Island.

He was new to sailing. The plan was to get the boat back home to Florida and then fix it up with his uncle’s help. A friend who’d started the trip with him couldn’t do the whole trip , so he planned go the rest of the way alone. We traveled together for a few days, sitting out weather and trading stories.

John and I were a little concerned about his safety, and suggested that he stop in Oriental, stay with us and get a few critical things —like lifelines and the mystery engine problem – fixed before continuing. An especially scary storm came up as we approached Oriental, and that sealed the deal.

He was pretty amazed at the sailing culture in Oriental and, as you can imagine, got a lot of advice over coffee at The Bean. He eventually continued the trip with a safer boat and a lighter wallet, and now sails off the coast of FL near Wellington, where he sells equestrian real estate.

And tonight, he’s on The Bachelorette.

Sunday May 17, 2015

9:10a There was no power earlier at The Bean (on Hodges) either. Power now restored, there was an un-caffeinated crisis for a while in the 7 o’clock hour at The Bean. Coffee now brewed. Village peace restored.

7:06a No juice this morning? Bill Wheeler writes in that electricity is down at Main and Broad.

Duke Energy has at least 2 trucks in Oriental and working on the power outage. Lineman said about 200 locations were without power. The bank’s lights and are on at the ATM.

Saturday May 16, 2015

7:45a Just a traffic note: Hodges St from South Water to Wall is closed to vehicles until 9a to allow for setting up Art on the Neuse.

6:38a A fine day for art on the harbor. The Art on the Neuse festival gets going at 9 – dozens of artists, music until 4. It’s Oriental’s only outdoor arts fest and the Oriental Weather Forecast cooperates, with temps topping out in the low 80’s and mostly sunny skies. Looks like it was a good bet to postpone from last weekend.

Lots of art for sale. And once again, the Pamlico Arts Council, which organizes the free – no admission – art fest, will be selling commemorative posters for this year’s Art on the Neuse. The posters always feature a painting by a local artist – this year, Janet Adkins. Collect ‘em all….

Stand-up paddle boarding is the kind of thing you can go off and do by yourself, but this morning it gets more social. The Social Paddle for Stand-Up Paddlers gets started at 10 from the Midyette St Wildlife Ramp.

Busy day all around. Wine tasting at Nautical Wheelers starts at 3. Pamlico Community College golf tourney at Minnesott Golf and Country Club. Pamlico High’s Show Choir brings on the end of the world as we know it. Theme of their show this year, is Apocalypse. But before that, BBQ dinner is served at 6:30.

For many bees recent years have been rather apocalyptic – this morning the Ag Extension Service offers a free workshop on honeybees, pollinators and pest control. This will be outside the Wits End – across from the Farmers’ Market.

What’s Happening has more info.

Friday May 15, 2015

Lovely May days, today and tomorrow. The Oriental Weather Forecast suggests that Saturday’s Art on the Neuse will have good weather. The art and music fest – Oriental’s only annual art fest — is free. Starts at 9a…

This afternoon, the Village Gallery holds its annual Black Velvet fundraiser – marking the start of its 7th year under the red roof on Hodges.

The bear saga continues. It seems that if you live near a place with “Creek” in its name, you may count on a visit. The latest evidence of a bear visit is near Dawson’s Creek in the Dawson’s Bluff neighborhood.

Usual MO. Donna Rubenstein writes that a bird feeder was bent and taken down.

If it’s the same bear as appeared on Whittaker and Pierce Creeks, it did a bit of traveling. Maybe the Whittaker Creek gator provided inspiration to go beyond Oriental.

Donna Rubenstein also reports that the bear left “a gift on the bottom step of the deck.” Yes, that.

This means that the existential question about the bear and the woods can now be answered, “Not always.”

Thursday May 14, 2015

3:31p That alligator sighting was not a one-time thing. Still others who live on the upper part of Whittaker Creek — behind Tosto and Pineview — have seen the gator today. Within the past hour. Kathie Mau adds that it looks to be about 5-6 feet long. On a pure scientific scale, that meets the threshold of “nothing you’d want to mess with.” Keep a closer eye on kids and small dogs at creekside…..

6:05a We are continuing to hear of a bear – always one bear – paying visits to backyards near creeks. First the ursine creature was seen off of Morris Creek – taking out a couple of bird feeders there. Then he – we think it’s a he but few have been close enough to confirm — he was seen in town and in the upper areas of Whittaker Creek, in particular the area around Pineview.

This past weekend Bob Miller found evidence of a bear visit in his yard on Pierce Creek. A bird feeder, with a post that had seemed hefty enough, turned out not to be. Yesterday, another bird feeder went down on the eastern fork of Whittaker Creek. Suspect: the bear, given the tracks and path cut across a yard on Audubon.

Now, in a new twist on wildlife news in Oriental, it’s conceivable the bear himself could get a surprise at the water’s edge.

Don Mau did. Don spied what appeared to be an alligator in the upper reaches of Whittaker Creek yesterday. Those waters would be not far from where the bear was spotted on Pineview last week.

One wonders what happens if the bear and alligator meet..

We can report that no tigers have been found on any boats on Whittaker Creek. But if you want that experience, you can get it tomorrow night, when the Old Theater’s Friday Flick is Life of Pi. It’s just one of a boatload of things to do in Oriental this weekend. To give you a jump start on planning your social calendar, here’s what all’s happening…

Village Gallery hosts its annual Black Velvet fundraiser late Friday afternoon. The Pamlico HS Show Choir kicks off its three day run Friday night, too.

Saturday, it’s Take Two for the Art on the Neuse arts and music fest. Lots of art being shown and sold, on the harbor, at the Oriental Marina. Out on the waters, meanwhile, a social gathering for stand-up paddleboarders. At Minnesott Golf & Country Club, the Pamlico Community College golf tourney’s going on. Saturday afternoon, Nautical Wheelers is serving up samples of wine. And in the morning, there’s a workshop on honeybees and pollinators and pest control – Ag Extension’s offering that for free at the Farmers Market.

Details, as always, are in What’s Happening.

Today there’s an informational workshop on how to avoid being scammed. Prime Time’s offering Scam Jam. It’s at Oriental United Methodist Church…

Wednesday May 13, 2015

bailer recyclingHelp bail out a dinghy. As our bailer models above show, a boat bailer can come from simple household products. Bow To Stern needs dozens of bailers for their Optimist & FJ sailing dinghys. Help a young sailor bail out their boat. Thick plastic is best (milk or water containers are too thin). Gallon sizes perfect, half gallon OK too. Arizona ice tea container? Perfect. Liquid detergents work too. Just drop em off in the waiting recycling container at Bow To Stern at 290 Blackwell Point Loop Rd. Drive friendly, it’s a one lane road with dogs and kids.