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riley marlene miller sailboat
Riley Jack is the name of the sailboat seemingly sailing on to the canvas in a painting by Marlene Miller. Her works can be seen at the Village Gallery on Oriental’s harbor.

Thursday August 28, 2014

7:43a This morning Hurricane Cristobal is just north of us (36.3N – Oriental is 35.02N) as it passes by – harmlessly out to sea. All should be calm for at least a week now, but we are heading into the historically peak part of hurricane season – the end of August through the first 3 weeks of September.

There is a disturbance just off Africa that could be the next system we need to watch. The next names on tap for the 2014 storm season are Dolly, Edouard and Fay.

Sunshine, dry and highs near 90 today & Friday. A small (20%) chance of rain Saturday along with light winds for the Labor Day Pursuit Race.

Friday night, take a walk into old Oriental. It’s the Ghost Walk, starts up at 8:30p near the dinghy dock. Dale Montgomery has collected some unusual stories about Oriental’s past.

Wednesday August 27, 2014

Oriental Dinghy Club has put together a race for this Saturday and on short notice, they’re getting a good race together. This is a pursuit race, the kind where there’s not a gazillion boats all at the start line at once, making for less anxiety about sharing hull paint. It’s a gentler, kinder race that, mathematically, would have the boats closer together at the finish. ODC is hoping some not-so-frequent racers will take part. There’s still time to get in on this Labor Day Pursuit Race. Today’s the day they wanted to get a sense of how many boats were taking part. More info here.

Saturday’s been the traditional day for the Oriental Farmers’ Market, but a few of the vendors have lately been setting up on Wednesday’s as well. They’ll be out there on Hodges from 3 to at least 5p. Plants, biscotti, produce and garlic are on tap..every bit of it locally grown or locally made.

The Board of Adjustment met yesterday and for three hours heard testimony and deliberated over whether an RV set up at Whittaker Creek Yacht Harbor should get a pass on being in violation of the Town’s zoning and development rules, aka, the Growth Management Ordinance. A recap just below.

Tuesday August 26, 2014

5:41p The Board of Adjustment has upheld the decision by Oriental Town Manager Diane Miller that an RV a man is living in at Knute Bysheim’s Whittaker Creek Yacht Harbor was in violation of Town ordinance. The 4-0 vote by board members Ken Small, Doug Carmichael, Paul Olson and Joe Valinoti came about three hours after the hearing started. (Background is here.)

town hall signOne argument for appeal was that those with boats at the marina had over the years used trailers to live in while they worked on their boats. However, that attempt at being grandfathered in failed as there was no evidence – such as a paper trail – specifying that trailers were used continuously since before 1999 when the Town passed its Growth Management Ordinance which set limits on RV living.

The appeal failed on another score in that there was no evidence that Bysheim sought permits for people to live in RV’s, nor a Special Use Permit for a campground. Further, the Board noted that while the GMO requires a sewer hook-up for an RV, there was no evidence of such with this RV.

Bysheim declined to provide comment when approached after the Board’s decision. His attorney, Alexander Dawson, made inquiries about appeal. Once the ruling is formally written and entered in to record, by the end of this week, Bysheim would have 30 days to take the case to Superior Court.

Oriental’s attorney, Scott Davis, said afterward that Oriental’s Board of Commissioners may want to revisit the Town’s rules, which currently say a 2 week RV stay may be extended to 6 months if a person is working on a house. The GMO is currently silent on living in RV’s for half a year while working on boats. Town Manager Miller agreed, after the hearing, that that’s something for the Town Board to consider. She said that in her decision affecting Bysheim she was only implementing the Town’s rules as written.

10:40a More letters in this morning about both shopping at Town & Country, and the effect of having Walmart in our town.

Hurricane Cristobal continues its trek north/northeast. The Category 1 hurricane is forecast to stay out at sea.

While there may be tropical storm conditions in Bermuda Wednesday, we don’t expect to feel the storm at all here. A good reference point is Hurricane Earl (Sept 2010). Earl was offshore, but still much closer than Cristobal is expected to be. Earl caused hardly a breeze in town.

5:39a Cristobal has been upgraded to hurricane status, now with winds near 75 mph. The forecast track remains cooperative though, keeping Hurricane Cristobal well offshore.

Oriental’s Board of Adjustment meets this afternoon for a hearing on whether Whittaker Creek Yacht Harbor should have been declared a campground. The Town Manager said no, that it wasn’t grandfathered in as such. The owner of the marina, Knute Bysheim appealed. At the center of this is an RV on the peninsula there in which a man has been living since at least early this year. The Town says he can’t because it’s not a campground.

While Bysheim has said the site has a sewer pumpout as a campground would need, the Town says CAMA inspected recently and found no means of pumping out the RV, which sits a few yards from the waters of Whittaker Creek. Last week’s hearing was continued to this week after Bysheim’s attorney said he was stuck in an airport in Puerto Rico. Hearing’s at 2p .

The Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival on Sept 13 is shaping up really well. A dozen porches will be stages that day and as of yesterday’s requested deadline, 17 different musical acts have signed on. There’s still time for more local artisans to get a space to sell their work. Here’s how.

The Letters to the Editor inbox has been a busy spot in recent days, as writers weigh in on the possibility of Oriental becoming Ruth-less if Town-n-Country grocery closes.

Monday August 25, 2014

11:42a News from Town Hall – high waters have the Town Dock closed to overnight visitors:

Town Dock #1 is closed to overnight visitors due to rising water; currently the water is over the bulkhead. The water levels have the potential to rise even further due to the approach of TS Cristobal. Notice will be posted when the dock is available for use.

Town Dock #1 is the original dock on Hodges St. Town Hall informs us that it is OK to use the dock for a brief tie-up during the day.

The high waters (and pleasantly cool temps) we are getting are from the north winds. Those winds are expected to be lighter by Wednesday, and water levels are then likely to recede at least partially.

The current track of Tropical Storm Cristobal has it off North Carolina Wednesday morning, and probably then at hurricane strength. However, Cristobal is forecast to be far enough offshore that we do not expect its effects to be felt locally.

Tropical Storm Cristobal links:

Tropical Storm Cristobal Tracking Chart
Tropical Storm Cristobal Forecaster’s Discussion & Computer Models
Tropical Storm Cristobal Public Advisory
Pamlico Sound Marine Weather Forecast

10:47a Impulse, the boat that dragged anchor in to the Pecan Grove channel has been moved. The dockmaster at Pecan Grove says he got in touch last night with the boat’s owner, who said he’d been at his father’s funeral and counted on friends to keep an eye on the boat in Oriental’s anchorage. The boat owner got there at first light today and took it out of the channel.

Still more letters to the editor about our town’s locally owned grocery, Town-n-Country and the impact the WalMart Express store has had since it opened in May a few hundred feet away.

Another day like yesterday. High of 81, NE wind bringing a hint of autumn to the air. Oriental Weather Forecast has the week looking pretty dry. Some chance of rain at the weekend, alas.

Sunday August 24, 2014

8:47a The system has been upgraded – we now have Tropical Storm Cristobal. It appears like a bullet will be dodged… a front will push Cristobal away from our shores later this week.

Keep track of Tropical Storm Cristobal:

Tropical Storm Cristobal Tracking Chart
Tropical Storm Cristobal Forecaster’s Discussion & Computer Models
Tropical Storm Cristobal Public Advisory

Meanwhile, back in river city: This may be the best forecast we’ve seen all month. Just a 20 percent chance of rain today and then, the Oriental Weather Forecast has no other mention of rain for days. Six straight days that could be … we have to whisper this… dry. OK, we could get edges of Cristobal later this week, but still.

More Letters to the Editor, on making a point of shopping at Town-n-Country in order to avoid a Ruth-less Oriental.

In the many years before Netflix, the only way to see a movie was to go to a theatre, where the films came on reels that were so big, the movie houses needed two big projectors to seamlessly (usually) show the whole film. Oriental’s movie house closed decades ago — it’s now Oriental’s Old Theatre — and the two projectors are currently in Oriental’s History Museum.

Thing is, while two projectors were needed to show a movie, only one is needed now to show how much the technology has changed.

So, wanna buy a projector? The museum is looking for a new home for one projector in order to free up some room to display other items that tell Oriental’s story and history. Plus proceeds from the sale would go toward the museum’s operations. This’d be a cool gift for your movie-buff friend. Or for someone who wants a piece of the Town’s history. For more info, contact Sharon Breitling at museum@dockline.net

Tomorrow’s the last day for musicians to sign up to play in the September 13 Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival on Oriental’s Broad and Hodges Streets. Details here. They’re also giving local artisans a chance to show and sell their handmade works.

6:02a The front is cooperating – and you can see it in the latest forecast track for Tropical Depression Four. The storm is now clearly forecast to turn northeast later this week before reaching our shores:

This morning the system’s winds are at 30knots/35 mph. It will strengthen later today to tropical storm strength (greater than 34knots/39mph), becoming Tropical Storm Cristobal. The Forecaster’s Discussion indicates Cristobal will barely reach hurricane strength (75 mph) late this week as it is expected to turn northeast. This morning the many computer models are all in agreement about this staying offshore.

While it all looks positive from our perspective, being ready for a tropical storm visit is always a healthy plan this time of the year on the NC coast.

Saturday August 23, 2014

9:20p We have a new storm. Tropical Depression Four has been declared. By Sunday expect this to be upgraded to a Tropical Storm – it will be Tropical Storm Cristobal. The early forecast track has our coast as a very possible target:

A front may keep the storm offshore, but as Cristobal won’t be near the NC shore til late next week, that track is yet uncertain.

Here are the links to follow:

Tropical Depression 4 Tracking Chart
Tropical Depression 4 Forecaster’s Discussion & Computer Models
Tropical Depression 4 Public Advisory

11:28a Hark, a wet Saturday. Put it with the others. Collect them all. Once more, it rains on our weekend parade. It’s already rained and we could get more today. 20% chance tomorrow, too. More of the nitty gritty of it all is in the Oriental Weather Forecast

But maybe, just maybe, next Saturday will be drier. The Oriental Dinghy Club is hoping so. It’s sent out word of a Labor Day Pursuit Race out here on the river. Go on, get that boat out of the slip. Details are here.

As for this weekend, What’s Happening has the Big Jim Kohler band performing tonight at Paradise Cove. Village Gallery’s open, as is the Oriental History Museum if you’ve got a bit of cabin fever and need to get out but be under a roof. And of course, your local stores are open too…..

Friday August 22, 2014

2:35p It used to be part of a punchline in Oriental, to speak of a giant retailer setting up shop nearby. A year ago today, TownDock.net reported that it was for real, that WalMart was indeed planning a store just outside of the town limits. The store opened in May and since then, as anticipated, business has been down at the local grocer, Town-n-Country. That’s the subject of a Letter to the Editor.

In other news this afternoon, there’s an APB out for a beloved lawn chair. As the Lost and Found ad in the TownDock classifieds says, the chair has sentimental value.

Mary Duffie says she and her late husband, George, had a few of these chairs, which over the decades, they re-fitted with new canvas. A few days ago, Mary had one in the basket at the back of her bike, but when she got home, it wasn’t there.

So, if you’ve found a kind of retro aluminum chair, perhaps on a street near the waterfront, it wants to come home.

Meanwhile, some folks in town are interested in forming a radio-control airplane flying – or building – club. They want to know if there are others who’d join in. The man to talk to is Jamie King at kj4jk@arrl.net or 252-514-7497

Got blood? The Red Cross is at the Methodist Church with a blood drive til 6p today.

7:06a Check out the Atlantic Tropical Outlook image. The X indicates current disturbance location, shading indicates potential formation area. The unusual shape and large size of the potential formation area means that NOAA just isn’t sure about what this thing might do:

What they do seem confident in is that a tropical storm will likely form in the next few days. The computer models have changed significantly in the past 24 hours – now mostly taking the potential storm out to sea:

Storm projections can change a lot before the system develops – this could end up on a very different track.

Highs expected to creep into the low 90s today, 50% chance of rain. More clammy humid stuff. Cooler & drier weather will come at the beginning of next week.

It isn’t a finished yacht, in the way one normally thinks of “finished”. But he did make it. Meet Jim Coward and his dream of an efficient 50 ft power cruiser in The Shipping News.