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lester and the funnel
A man. A gas tank. And a need for a funnel. Could frightening village ingenuity emerge? It is all explained later this morning in a drawing from Laura Turgeon…

Wednesday September 17, 2014

Three-quarters of an inch. This morning. And it that’s not enough rain for you, the Oriental Weather Forecast suggests more may come this afternoon.

And thanks to winds out of the north, the water’s already covering our low-lying harbor area as Harborcam shows. Bright thoughts about living in the Land of Perpetual Wet? Think of what we’re saving on moisturizer.

October 17, 2015. Save the date. Organizers of Saturday’s Ol’ Front Porch Music Fest got together yesterday and set their sights on the 2nd Annual.

The two co-organizers of Saturday’s event have a note of thanks… A lot of photos of the day can be seen here.

There’s a lot going on today and thru the weekend, as you can see in What’s Happening. Constitution Day is being celebrated at noon today at Pamlico Community College with a discussion on the 2nd Amendment.

Tuesday September 16, 2014

12:49p Photos from Saturday’s Ol’ Front Porch Music Fest are now up….

9:37p High of 85 today, wee chance of rain. Not so bad, compared to what we’ve had. The Oriental Weather Forecast gets us down in to the 70’s – okay, 79, but still — tomorrow and thru the end of the week.

We are entering that busy season when the weekends seem jam packed. At Pamlico Community College on Saturday there’s a Renaissance Festival (which technically could be the Re-Renaissance because it’s the second year running) Medieval culture represented too. Folks in costume, and as we learned last year, very enthusiastically in character. It’s rather a trip on a twisty road back in time.There was a lot of music last year and even more this time around. Dancing. Crafts. Food. 11a-3p. Admission is free.

Here in town, the Oriental Cup Regatta is Saturday. A note if you’re planning to sail here this weekend — the Town, at the request of the OCR, is closing both Town Docks so that OCR participants can tie up and raft up there. That’s from midday Friday to Sunday afternoon.

Looking ahead to another race on the horizon, on Saturday October 4, the Neuse Solo & Double Handed Race is happening. The double-handed aspect was new last year and they’re doing it again — combined ages of the two on board have to equal at least 150. The NOR and Registration can now be downloaded, here.

Photos from the Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival are coming up..

Monday September 15, 2014

12:59p Attention Pirate fans. ECU’s Athletic Director Jeff Compfer is speaking at tonight’s Rotary Club meeting.Yes, you can attend….

10:14a Wow. We were caught without words yesterday. Saturday’s Ol’ Front Porch Music Fest had so many magical moments. Just a brief recap before we get to the work of posting the many photos of the day…..

Roots music rang out from porches, folks bebopped from one to another to take it all in, the food sold out, a band that hadn’t played together in years got back and right in to the groove, an octogenarian sang – ever so coyly – about a cross-dresser, the skies held off until the very end and even then, a throng of people clapped on the sidewalks of both sides of Hodges as a gospel band from New Bern delivered the last scheduled performance of the day, while at the other end of Hodges, musicians jammed for an hour more.

It was all magical — in multiple senses of the word, considering how a few folks pulled this together inside of 6 weeks. The Ol’ Front Porch Music Fest has all the makings of an event that will happen again…

There’s something new on the harbor. A fence. It’s the subject of a Letter to the Editor.

In What’s Happening, this week .. Wednesday morning Farmers’ Market has taken root and will be out there this Wednesday. The Old Theater’s Friday Flicks season opens Friday with White Squall. Paradise Cove has a Belgian beer tasting Friday. Saturday is the 2014 Oriental Cup Regatta. That’s for starters.

Saturday September 13, 2014

It’s Oriental’s First Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival today, a dozen porches and even more bands, with jamming porch, a singalong porch, a musical petting zoo and a lot of local artisans. It kicks off at noon and runs til 4p.

Click here to download the lineup for the First Annual Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival. It’s all happening on Oriental’s two main drags, Broad and hodges. For the map of the porches, click here.

The story behind the festival — and how a runner’s jogging led to the idea of using porches as stages, is up. And while you’re waiting for the music to start, a photo essay of the porches at the festival is here.

A number of shops and eateries in town are running specials in connection with the music fest, too.

There’s still more music going on, after the festival. Pamlico Musical Society and the Old Theater have brought the retro country of the Malpass Brothers to town. They played the Old Theater – with its new marquee – last night and again tonight. Looking for tix? You’re in luck. There are a few for sale at Nautical Wheelers…

Also tonight, Pamlico Community College Foundation holds a dinner dance with the Carolina Casuals at PCC. It’s in honor of Rufus Brinson and to raise funds for the firefighting program there.

Friday September 12, 2014

1:19p We often take pride in a low crime rate here in Oriental, but police chief Dwaine Moore is asking folks — for their own sakes — to be more wary than we have in the past.

Dwaine says that someone is going around to parked cars and testing the door handles to see if they can get in. In the past two nights, they have. Among the items now reported stolen from unlocked cars: a Taser and a wallet.

Which is why, this afternoon, the police chief’s trying to get out the reminder that if you don’t want your valuables — computers, weapons, electronica, money — taken from your car, lock it up. Nipping it in the bud may be the way we keep the Mayberry vibe.

On a happier note, the organizers of tomorrow’s Ol’ Front Porch Music Fest have one more request for help — a community-wide shout-out to fend off rain between noon and 4 tomorrow. Invoke whatever powers you can…

Meanwhile, things are falling in to place for this first annual OFPMF: musicians on a dozen porches, a marketplace for local artisans, the History Museum’s display of Ol’ Store memorabilia, Jim Kellenberger’s Grill for lunch thru the afternoon, a place to jam, a clown making the rounds…

You can download the lineup, here. And if you need a map, you’re in luck, Bunkeroo, cos there’s an official, hand-drawn map of where stuff is happening on Broad and Hodges. Soon to be a collector’s item – when’s the last time you saw a sketched map? – the map is yours to download, here.

7:37a At yesterday’s Harbor Waterfronts Committee meeting, members voted 3-1 to recommend that the Town Board keep Oriental’s docking ordinance as the Town Board voted for it at the August 5 meeting. That would keep in place the language that has the effect of making the Town’s docks off limits to commercial fishing ships. Former mayor and seafood plant owner Sherrill Styron had implored the Town Board in late August to reverse its vote.

Harbors committee members Art Tierney, Ed Bliss and chairman Gerry Crowley voted to recommend that the ordinance stay as it is, Lisa Thompson voted against.

The Harbors committee is an advisory panel. The Town Board members hold the ultimate votes on the matter. The prospect of backing away from the ordinance is still prompting Letters to the Editor.

The Atlantic storm is now Tropical Storm Edouard, still with a forecast track that keeps it wayyy out to sea.

A 60% chance of rain today & Saturday. While this could pose some challenges for the Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival Saturday, this should be on & off again showers. Lets hope for plenty of “off again”. Those porches have roofs too…

Thursday September 11, 2014

1:18p In What’s Happening, the Harbor Waterfronts Committee starts its meeting at the new Town Dock at 4p today. More details on why, here.

11:00a Tropical Depression Six has been declared. This 6th storm of the season will strengthen to a named storm… becoming Edouard.

Edouard will be keeping his distance though… staying out to sea and away from our town.

9:25a This is the 13th anniversary of the attacks of Sept 11, 2001. On Sept 11, 2002 there was a simple memorial on the waters off Oriental.

8:12a After a foggy morning start, a dry day is ahead. A rare zero % chance of rain today – but precip returns to the forecast Friday and beyond.

There are two likely storms brewing in the Atlantic right now:

….but all may be OK. The X marks where the potential storm is now… the shaded area where the storm could form. The storm off Africa will likely be declared today or tomorrow, but early computer models indicate it will stay safely out to sea. OK, safe for us that is.

Wednesday September 10, 2014

No rain in the Oriental Weather Forecast today.

In What’s Happening, the midweek Oriental Farmers’ Market has breads and biscotti this morning. Lots of buzz and good spirit around Saturday’s First Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival A dozen porches, lots of music. You can download the lineup, here.

The Harbor Waterfronts Committee gathers at the new Town Dock tomorrow afternoon to see first hand where shrimping trawlers tied up 3 weekends this summer.

That had come as a surprise to many in town who thought the new dock was just for recreational boats. The Town Board in early August voted 5-0 for an ordinance that in effect bans the trawlers from any Town Dock. Then 2 weeks ago, seafood plant owner and former mayor Sherrill Styron went to the Board’s agenda meeting and implored the Board to reverse its law. He’s also since spoken personally with 4 of the commissioners. The Town Board sent the issue to the new Harbor Waterfronts committee to consider.

Now, if you’re following the issue, 2 documents may be of interest. One is an info sheet that Commissioner David White gave to the Harbor panel last week. White had proposed the ordinance passed in August and his further research confirms that Oriental is not alone in limiting the use of its docks to recreational vessels.

Another document that supports that approach is Oriental’s 2011 application for a grant to build a second town dock off of the right of way at the end of South Avenue. In the application, the proposed 120 foot long dock, with space for 6 boats, and 80 feet of harborfront to maneuver in, is described repeatedly as being for tourist and transient boaters.

This $66,000 proposal (with the Town paying 40%) was Oriental’s new dock plan until the controversial land swap with Chris Fulcher in 2012, which proponents said would get the Town its new dock sooner and put all the recreational boating at one end of the harbor. In that swap, the Town Board traded away South Avenue’s right of way for the tighter docking area where the Harbor Waterfronts Committee starts its 4p meeting tomorrow. It’s open to the public as all meetings are.