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Lobster, not usually fished out of local waters, made an appearance at Saturday’s PAWS Pet Parade. (At least one canine was skeptical.) About 40 dogs and owners turned out, in costume and au naturel, for the 10th annual running of the parade.

Monday April 27, 2015

The sun, in hiding during the weekend, pops thru today – and tomorrow. More granularity in the Oriental Weather Forecast.

Good afternoon for the open sailing at Bow to Stern. $5 to take a boat out. Details here…

Town Wide Yard Sale’s this weekend. There’ll be a map of all the households to help folks find your place. But you have to register — it’s free — to be on the map. So how about it, Bunk’?

The Provision Company’s hosting a Nautical Flea Market on Saturday as part of that big ol’ yard sale. Call Pat at the Provision Company to get your space. 249-1797

Sunday April 26, 2015

Overcast again today with a chance of showers.

Pamlico Chorale aims to lighten things up. They performed their “Looking on the Bright Side” spring concert last night. They do it again this afternoon at 3p.

Saturday April 25, 2015

A decade ago some folks got together and walked their dogs on leashes along a few streets in Oriental. The idea stuck, which brings us to the 10th Annual PAWS Pet Parade, this morning at 11. Lots of folks doll up their canines in costume, but you can bring your dog in his or her natural state too, wearing just a leash. Registration starts at 10.

This year’s parade is dedicated to the late Skip Waters, the TV meteorologist who for years came to town to be a judge. (Skip took part in a lot of other events in Oriental, as well.)

Weather’s looking like whatever rain we get today may hold off until the afternoon to fall.

That’s good news for a few other events happening this morning — the Neuse River Cleanup, the cleanup at the Town Beach, and the inaugural planting of the Methodist Church’s community garden, which aims to raise veggies for the hungry. You can be part of it all.. Details in What’s Happening.

Tonight and tomorrow, the Pamlico Chorale presents its spring concert.

Friday April 24, 2015

If the Earth Day groove hit you this week, there are a couple of things coming up on Saturday where you can help out this little patch of the globe.

Volunteers are working to clean up the creeks and water’s edges and even the ditches alongside the roads. It’s all part of the Neuse CleanUp Day. There’s a focussed cleanup at Oriental’s TOwn Beach too. More info is in What’s Happening

Over at the parking lot of the Methodist church, an Operation Veggie Box community garden wlll be planted tomorrow Those details, too, are at What’s Happening.

And at 11 tomorrow, it’s the PAWS Pet Parade.

The water’s okay to swim in again at Styronton Beach. The NC Dept of Environment and Nautral Resources sampled the water a second time this week, and found the enterococcis bacteria wel within limits set by the federal government. The press release is here.

Wednesday April 22, 2015

4:52p if you had the idea to go swimming in the Sound waters off of Styronton Beach today, don’t.

The State has issued a no swim alert there because tests on the water yesterday found elevated levels of the bacteria, enterococci.

According to a press release put out today, those bacteria that’re in such high numbers come from “warm blooded animals.” The bacteria themselves don’t cause illness but their elevated levels could indicate the presence of other wee-beasties that can make spread disease.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is testing the waters at Styronton Beach again today. The press release suggested it was routine weekly water sampling yesterday at the site just outside Oriental that found the higher levels (453/100 millileters when the federal standard is 276.)

10:40a Got stuff? Got stuff you really don’t need anymore? Wanna make a few bucks on it? Oriental’s Town Wide Yard Sale’s coming the Saturday after this — on May 2.

Organizers of the sale say about 50 households have registered to take part, so far. The number in the past has neared 100. The point of registering is to get your yard on the maps that are sold the day of the sale so people know where to find you and your wares. The more households the town can say are taking part, the more likely the sale is to draw more folks. (Thus ends today’s lesson in shameless commerce marketing…)

It’s easy to register. Registration forms are around town or you can cut to the chase and contact Marsha Paplham at 249-0334 or email her at marsha@marshascottage.com. They could also use 4 or 5 folks to just help out that morning, setting out signs and selling maps. Contact Marsha if you can pitch in.

Meanwhile, another incentive to clear out your basement or, as it’s known here in Oriental, that-underneath-part-of-the-house-that-floods-big-time-in-hurricanes. On May 9, the Town’s arranged for a White and Brown Goods Pickup – it’s for the big stuff – appliances, furniture. More details here.

Tuesday April 21, 2015

This Saturday’s a big one for the waters around here and up and down the Neuse River as it’s the clean-up day. Volunteers are needed to get litter along the shores, but also in the roadside ditches that eventually flow in to the creeks.

Oriental’s Park Rec Committee will be cleaning up the sands of the Town Beach on Neuse Drive. Volunteers needed there – one big task is ripping out the pesky thorny vines so that barefeet can run free. More details here.

Saturday’s a busy one. PAWS holds its annual pet parade at 11a that day. This year’s is dedicated to the memory of Skip Waters, the meteorologist who for years volunteered as a judge. If you want to register in advance, your chance to do that is tomorrow morning from 10a-noon at the Bean.

This summer, Oriental’s Children’s Theater Workshop celebrates 20 years. They need a t-shirt and have a design contest underway, There’s even a money prize. And also a May 10 deadline. Have a go at it…

Tomorrow, the Town Board gathers for its budget workshop. You can attend. See What’s Happening for more info..

The Town’s Tourism Board meets today. Its open to the public as all meetings are and happening at 5:30p. (No agenda appears publicly available at this time.)

Monday April 20, 2015

11:35a Straight Road has a detour as NC DOT works to replace a pipeline. DOT says the work would be done this afternoon, so that detour may not be necessary for the afternoon commute.

At the very latest, Straight Road should be open from end to end, every last twisty curve of it, by tomorrow morning.

7:57a We had some impressive high winds overnight – the high wind was 41 mph at 5:01a this morning. You can see the effects this morning in leaves and branches strewn all over town.

It is clearing with a partly cloudy and warm day ahead – high near 80. Sunshine and mid 70s for Tuesday & Wednesday

Jim Nixon with Oriental’s School Of Sailing writes in, with flares & pyrotechnics on his mind:

Oriental’s School of Sailing (OSOS) intends to offer a hands-on seminar on the use of emergency signaling devices later this season in conjunction with SCOO, NSA, and ODC. In anticipation of the event, we’d like to collect any out-of-date pyrotechnics that you may have, including flares, smoke, personal signaling devices, flare guns, and flare gun cartridges. We’re particularly interested in any SOLAS quality devices and any type of cartridges for 25 mm flare guns.

Please deposit your “donations” in the specially marked metal trash can outside the Oriental Yacht Sales building where the School’s classroom is located, Sailcraft Marina, 1400 Tosto Circle, Oriental.

If you have any questions re this pyrotechnic mission, call Jim at 252-670-7072 or email jim@sailingschooloriental.com.

Saturday April 18, 2015

Kind of a clammy day ahead – highs near 80 – humid – 50% chance of rain. Rain even more likely Sunday. Look ahead to drier 70 degree~ish weather for the coming week.

You’ll see signs up around Oriental today. It is the 2015 Tour Of Homes & Gardens. This year features six homes (on Broad, Hodges and Mildred Streets,) a church over 116 years old, and even a house made entirely of beer bottles. Sponsored by Oriental’s History Museum and St. Thomas Episcopal Church Women. Tickets $20, available at the Museum at 802 Broad Street or at any home on the tour. For more info call 252-249-3340.

dragon boat practiceEver wanted to try paddling a Dragon Boat? You can – Oriental has a Dragon Boat Club that starts its 2015 season with practice Sunday at 9a.

April marks the 5th anniversary of a great retailer – Nautical Wheelers. As well as items on sale today, stop by for the wine tasting from 3p – 5.

Looking out on the Neuse, you’ll see the ODC PHRF fleet out racing today. Dedicated to sail racing, ODC is out most Saturdays in the warmer months. More about ODC here.

Friday April 17, 2015

Tonight at the Old Theater, 7:30p, the Friday Flick is “Boyhood”. Here’s the trailer:

Thursday April 16, 2015

Chance of rain lingers til mid-morn tomorrow. For all the threat of rain yesterday and today, gracious little has fallen. Certainly not enough to wash away the pollen… Weekend outlook is sunnier

Last Saturday at the Oriental Boat Show, the cancer-awareness group, Hope Floats, paddled up to the dinghy dock and ended their 200+ mile, 8-day trek down the Neuse from Wake County. (See today’s On The Cover photo.

This week, another group of paddlers is making the southeast trek from Raleigh to Oriental on the Neuse. Their cause: the health of the river itself. More, here.”:news/oriental-n-kayaking-the-neuse-end-to-end

Beaucoup to do in the next few days. Click on over to What’s Happening …. Tonight musicians are gathering at Pamlilco Community College for a music jam. Tomorrow evening at PCC, Simon Spaulding talks about his new book, Food at Sea. Here in downtown Oriental tomorrow night, the Old Theater’s Friday Flick for April is Boyhood – the movie that was shot over the course of 12 years as the characters —and their actors — aged. Directed by Richard Linklater, if you need more reason to check it out..

Saturday, the Oriental History Museum and Episcopal Church Women present their Tour of Homes — and Gardens. Nautical Wheelers hits the 5 year mark and celebrates all day. Wine tasting from 3-5p. You’re invited…

Sunday morning, the Oriental Dragon Boat Club gets in its first practice of the season. You are welcome to join them…. And Sunday night, you can eat like a Marine – without the Drill Instructor ranting at you. Oriental’s Marine League holds what’s now become its annual SOS DInner at the Silos. No, it’s not really a shingle that it’s served on… Some tix still available.

Wednesday April 15, 2015

Into every week, it seems, a little rain must fall. Today and tomorrow are those days, but after that – the weekend in particular — it is looking clearer. Highs in the 70’s the next bunch of days, says the Oriental Weather Forecast.

On the horizon this weekend —- Friday Flick at the Old Theater is the Richard Linklater movie, Boyhood. On Friday there’s the Food at Sea presentation at Pamilco Community College. Simon Spaulding, the multi-instrumentalist is author of the book and will be reading from it and signing copies. On Saturday there’s a tour of homes and gardens.

And there’s an anniversary coming up Saturday, too. Kinda sneaking up really, cos it’s hard to fathom that it’s been five – 5 – years since Camilla and Bill Wheeler opened their store, Nautical Wheelers. They’ve been outfitting us in style with clothing, shoes, gifts and some good wine and on Saturday you’re invited to join them in celebrating. There’s a wine tasting on the porch, too….

So, Sunday morning comes along and you’ve still got energy to burn? The Oriental Dragon Boat Club can help you. This Sunday at 9a, they’re starting their 2015 season with practices. Regular semi-weekly practices will be Sundays at 9a and Thursdays at 5:30p. They practice in that long dragon boat, named Minerva. For more info on how to be part of it, contact Linda Parker at 249-0888