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Reflection in a hull at Sailcraft Services yard yesterday as John Hobgood powerwashed a sailboat while it was in the TravLift slings.

Thursday March 26, 2015

How weird is this weather? We’ll likely see a high in the mid-70’s today (it’s already in the mid-60s this morning). but then look ahead in the Oriental Weather Forecast and check out Saturday. Chance of snow. Temps in the 30’s Sat morning.

Some big events on the horizon in the next month. Two weekends from now is really busy…. The Rotary’s pulling together its Oriental Boat Show on the weekend of April 10-12. That’s Friday thru Sunday and like last year, it’s going on right here in town — and in waters off of Oriental Harbor Marina.

Also happening on that Thursday and Friday of April 9 and 10 is the Pamlico Musical Society’s last show of the season, with Jeremy Davis and the Fabulous Equinox Orchestra. Thursday the 9th they’re in the Old Theater, Friday the 10th they’re the first show ever at the new outdoor theater at River Dunes. Tix available at Nautical Wheelers.

Going on right now over at Public Radio East is their spring drive. You know the drill — the radio station brings you all kinds of programs and a couple times a year asks you to pay. Whatever you want. Odd business structure, but it is what it is. You don’t have to live here to pitch in either – even if you’re just listening on weekends, you can give. Number’s 1-800-222-9832.

Wednesday March 25, 2015

We’ve got highs in the upper 60’s in today’s Oriental Weather Forecast. Into the mid-70’s but rainy tomorrow. Today may be the time to get outside.

Looks like some trees are banking on spring staying. The swamp maples, which have been in red bud for weeks, are rocking the two-tone look as its leaves pop— bright maroon and chartreuse are the new black.

It being Wednesday, you’ll find Open Mic night at the Silos tonight. That and a whole lot more, in What’s Happening

Coming up this weekend, the Pamlico Community Band presents its spring concert on Saturday night.

And Oriental Dinghy Club kicks off its season with a Saturday evening dinner. If you’ve been wanting to get in more racing on the water without the bother of maintaining a boat, ODC always has a place for more crew on the boats that compete on many Saturday mornings. This Saturday’s dinner is a way to get to know more about the racers and racing. (That means you’re invited.) For more details, click here.

Monday March 23, 2015

Okay, so maybe yesterday’s Dock Quote about saying goodbye to the long cold lonely winter was a bit premature. (Chalk it up to the perennial optimism here on the Duck Pond.)

Reality is, the socked-in skies and rising damp are back with us today…The Oriental Weather Forecast has periods of bleh, followed by more bleh. Rain maybe too. But tomorrow comes at least a glimmer of sun. Enjoy it then. The rest of the week looks like we’ll be living inside a cloud bank.

Saturday March 21, 2015

1:18P Gorgeous spring afternoon. Raise a toast to the new season at Nautical Wheelers during their 3rd Saturday Of The Month wine tasting. It’s from 3-5 out on the porch at 411 Broad.

While you’re out, stop by the Town Dock where a 130-year old working boat from Mystic has tied up. (We found the owner using a classic wooden boat hook to measure the depth at the dock.) You might also get a look at it on Harborcam

And at 3:30 this afternoon, Habitat for Humanity officially dedicates the house volunteers build off of White Farm Road. It’s Oriental’s first Habitat house. The family moved in last month. The public’s invited to today’s dedication.

Oriental’s Tree Board planted that Drake Lace Bark Elm near the upper Duck Pond this morning — making it the 1000th tree planted by the volunteer boarding the past two decades.

6a This is more like the spring day we want — and need. Sunny skies, high in the 60’s and no rain. That Oriental Weather Forecast gives us a chance to dry out. Well, maybe for a day, cos the back half of your weekend could see rain.

Take a walk round town and look toward the ground — things are popping thru and blooming. Trees are leafing — well, in their nascent form — too.

Oriental’s Tree Board’s had a busy time the past two decades and is about to plant its 1000th tree this morning. You’re invited. It’ll be on the upper Duck Pond. First though, you can pick up some tree pruning tips in a workshop outside the Wit’s End.

(That we have 999 trees already planted can perhaps be best appreciated when you’re looking for relief from the summer sun…. Today’s Dock Quote touches on some of this.)

From trees to the Trio Valinor. The three piece – guitar, fiddle, standup bass— combo has sold out for tonight’s show at the Old Theater. But Pamlico Musical Society is bringing Trio Valinor to the porch of Town Hall for a 2p jam session. Bring a chair, and if you have one to play, an instrument….

NSA Shrimperoo is at two. What’s Happening has more details..

A reminder that tomorrow, at the Oriental History Museum, Creekeeper Bill Hines talks about birds and the environment and water quality. That’s 2p mañana. (Sunday, Buckeroo.) It’s tied in to the museum’s ongoing exhibit of photographs by local birders. You can see that today, even.

Friday March 20, 2015

Tonight, the Old Theater’s Friday Flick is the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. This is the original. (The sequel with a similar name is playing in those big, big box theaters right now.) But you can take in the original in the comfy exotic Old Theater. $5.50 and all the popcorn you care to eat. (If you want curry on that popcorn, you may have to bring your own…)

Happy Spring. So maybe a day with rain isn’t exactly how you pictured it but that’s what the Oriental Weather Forecast has in store today.

Tomorrow’s supposed to give us clearing skies. Just in time for the 1000th tree planting in Oriental tomorrow morn. A lace bark elm’s going in by the Duck Pond. The Tree Board is also offering a workshop on how to trim your trees…

Also tomorrow, as you’ll see in What’s Happening, Trio Valinor plays in a jam session on the porch of Town Hall. Bring your instrument and join in…. Also tomorrow, NSA offers up a Shrimperoo….

A bit more on the stories of the birds entangled in fishing nets is up.

Thursday March 19, 2015

8:54a Marine anchor chain, and anchors (and other galvanized stuff) can be re-galvanized for a fraction of the price of buying new chain (or an anchor). Oriental resident Eric Dammeyer is making a run to Atlantic Steel in Graham, NC Monday:

I am heading to Graham NC to get chain galvanized Monday morning 3/23. Chain or anchor(s) can be re-galvanized. Depending on how folks add to the total, regalvanizing will be worst case about $1 a pound, best case closer to 50 cents a pound. Rusty gear is OK – Atlantic Steel acid washes everything before re-galvanizing so it will come out clean.

TownDock Senior Management is taking advantage of this opportunity (we’re getting a rusty CQR brought back to life). Call Eric if you’d like to join in… 252-671-2330. He needs your chain/anchor/gear by this Sunday.

6:02a While we’re waiting for spring to make up its mind, there are a few things coming up that you can get going on now…

For starters, Croakerfest hits 35 this year and the organizers have chosen Croakers Among The Coral as the theme (coral being the gift you give for a 35th anniversary, we’re told) A t-shirt design is needed, ergo the design contest. April 8 is the deadline. More details on how to enter, here.

Pamlico Arts Council presents Oriental’s only art fest, Art on the Neuse on May 9 and they’re still inviting artists to be part of it.

Another cool thing to see that weekend will be a collection of works by Joe Cox, who would have been 100 this year. A prof at NCSU’s School of Design, he was one of the originators of Oriental taking on the dragon and having it parade on New Year’s Eve. A group of folks is hoping to stage a one-day exhibition during that Art on the Neuse weekend and for that, they’re looking for people who have works by Joe Cox to loan them for the day. Stan Allen is the person to contact at 252-633-4685.

Wednesday March 18, 2015

Yesterday was the day to find out if the AC in the car was up to the job. Today, no need. High of 55 in the Oriental Weather Forecast. Kind of weird as it was in the mid-60’s at midnight. Those flowers blooming in the garden are way confused.

Saturday’s rain didn’t dampen the spirits at the intercollegiate regatta. It went so well, there’s talk of having more college regattas in Oriental. The story and photos are here. And from both the coach and captain of NCSU’s Sailpack and from Bow to Stern Boating Center’s Jim Edwards – who had organized the regatta – there are letters of thanks to all who helped make it happen.

Today’s On-The-Cover photo shows a loon that reader Betsy Bailey says was freed on Monday from a fishing net set near China Grove. She writes:

Thought you might find this sad but interesting with a happy ending. This morning I saw this loon struggling to swim away from a net that was set in the Neuse River. I knew immediately it was caught. Thank goodness we were able to pull the net set by my neighbor in and cut it from around it’s wings. Luckily this gorgeous bird was not hurt and he was set free. People need to realize that it is not just fish being caught in nets…why are they even allowed on the Neuse? It is very sad…just use a fishing pole.

In recent weeks we’ve heard of a case where multiple birds were caught in a net, that one set near Styronton Beach. Several of the birds were dead by the time some passersby noticed their entanglement. The people were able to free one bird, thought to have been a cormorant.

Bunch of things going on in coming days and this weekend. Open Mic at the Silos tonight. Jam session at PCC tomorrow. Old Theater’s Friday Flick is the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. NSA serves up its Shrimperoo on Saturday.

Also Saturday, the Oriental Tree Board plants its 1000th tree — send some thanks their way for literally bringing cool to Oriental. And while the Trio Valinor PaMuSo show is sold out Saturday night, you can catch their free — yes, free — jam session on the Town Hall porch Saturday afternoon. Bring your instrument and join in.

On Sunday, the Oriental History Museum presents a talk on birds and the environment from Neuse Riverkeeper Bill Hines.

Details on all these are in What’s Happening.

Tuesday March 17, 2015

6:02p High temp today… 85 just after 3p. Ready for change? Tomorrow’s high… just 50. Sorry kids…

After a great weekend of sailing, two letters thanking the community:

Our town did well.

2:03p Okay sailing fans. A bunch of photos for you to see from the Oriental Sailpack Invitational Regatta— without having to deal with the rain of last Saturday. Photos, plus the story of how the regatta came to be, and how other collegiate regattas may be coming .. just by clicking here.

11:50a If you want to get a Celtic canine fix this St. Patrick’s Day, there are two Irish Wolfhounds at Oriental Town Hall. They are part of Town Manager Diane Miller’s menagerie — and like Diane and her family — they are new residents in Oriental. She’s brought them to the office today if anyone wants to see them. They’re there til around 3p. These are really big dogs — taller, we think, than your average leprechaun — you can’t miss ‘em.

7:11a Happy St. Pat’s Day to ya. The day makes us remember a sailor named Pat, often called “Irish Pat”, who would visit from Canada a few years back. Pat had the face right from “central casting” for St Pats Day.

Anybody heard from Irish Pat?

Lots of photos from Saturday’s Oriental Sailpack Invitational coming today.

Got shorts & a t-shirt handy? Today is the day to get ‘em out of storage. Sunshine… high near 80.

Monday March 16, 2015

6:15p It turns out the fast drying stain used on The Bean porch – was actually fast drying. The Bean will be open as usual Tuesday morning.

2:28p Power is back on Main St. But just when you thought the world was again safe… this news from Hodges St:

The Bean is sort of closed. Actually, it’s open – but you can’t go inside. Work on the front porch started today at noon and continues through tomorrow afternoon. But The Bean is open… just place your order on through the side deck window. Really.

10:48a Power is out for homes on Main St in Oriental this morning. A pole is being replaced, estimated to take about 3 hours.

Power is out at Nautical Wheelers – but that isn’t stopping them. Bill Wheeler reports:

Nautical Wheelers is open for business. Check out will be the old fashioned way. Pencil, Pad, Solar Calculator and Mobile Credit Card Readers.

Sunday March 15, 2015

This ides of March looks to be a good one. The Oriental Weather Forecast gives us some relief from the rainy Saturday. After a cloudy morning, sunny & warm today… mid 60s.

Much nicer on the water too… the marine forecast for the Neuse has 10 knot winds early, freshening to 15 knots this afternoon.

There is a very good reason to step inside, though, for just a few hours this afternoon. Today – at 3p – is the last performance of Love Letters at the Old Theater. The story – of two friends who’ve corresponded for 50 years – is told entirely by them reading their letters.

Thing is, there’s a lot of action in those words. Love Letters has a strong script to start with and the actors and director Jackie Mahan have played it out smartly and put together a remarkable show. (This i’n‘t a sit-commy sex farce…) Kudos all around .. and to you too, Bunky, for treating yourself to some really well done local theater. There are still tickets available for today’s 3p show.

Despite yesterday’s rains, the 64 college sailors sailed in the Oriental Sailpack Invitational Regatta. And back on land – under the shelter of tents at the Oriental Marina – the OWC’s Chowder Cookoff drew a hearty crowd.