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parade time
Taking a break from making children’s toys, Elf & Parade Master Paul Fairbank has announced a new time for the Spirit Of Christmas Parade.

Thursday October 23, 2014

9:33a It may be healthier to deeply breathe in this fall. As of today, no open burning is allowed in Oriental.

That’s because the Town yesterday brought in a dumpster to the water plant, at Gilgo and Windward, where residents of Oriental may drop off their yard waste. Town Manager Diane Miller told the Town Board at a recent meeting that if the Town gives residents this place to dispose of branches and leaves, the Town can say no to open burning. The Board voted to ban the burning while this pilot program is in place.

This also helps town residents who didn’t burn, but would schlepp their yard waste to the dump in Grantsboro, which charged by the pound. The yard waste dumpster at the water plant is open only to Town residents, whose taxes pay for it, and not to those who live outside the Oriental town limits. More details here.

7:10a A change is on the way. It involves a resetting of clocks, but it’s not the end of Daylight Saving Time switcheroo in a week and a half. No, Bunky, we’re talking about a more monumental time-shifting.

It is this: the Spirit of Christmas parade on December 13 will be starting at 1p. Paul, in his subtle way, explains:

Parademeister Paul Fairbanks says the reason the parade used to start late in the afternoon, was because a tree would be lit in LouMac park right afterward. But that’s no longer an issue. And besides, says Paul, a 1p start will keep little kids from freezing in the fading light and sometimes chilly temps that marked the parade when it started in the late afternoon. So, mark those calendars.

And put on your holiday theme thinking cap. Paul says he’s tired of coming up with themes for the parade, so he’s asking you to make suggestions. Details on that are coming…

Meanwhile – check out some Spirit Memories:

We’ve got a bunch of things going on in coming days. For starters, today’s the first day of early voting. Tomorrow’s flu shot day at Town Hall. Hope Clinic serves up BBQ chicken for lunch, Friday. Friday night’s the Old Theater’s Friday Flick, Something Wicked This Way Comes to tie in with Halloween (not, we think, election day.)

On Saturday, Arapahoe United Methodist holds a bazaar, Oriental’s Farmers’ Market’s going on, ODC has a pursuit race, St Thomas Episcopal offers a Low Country Boil, Oriental Woman’s Club presents a Halloween party for adults, Paradise Cove’s potlucking it. All of the details are in What’s Happening.

Wednesday October 22, 2014

More autumn weather today says the Oriental Weather Forecast.

In What’s Happening, you’ll find a mid-week farmers market on Hodges from 8-11 today. Baked goods – bread, biscotti plus caramel for starters – for sale. It’s the last Wednesday Phyllis will be there as she’s moving. Stock up on a lotta biscotti now.

Tomorrow’s the start of early voting. Friday you can get a flu shot, at Town Hall.

A lot of photos of the recent Sunfish Worlds are up…

Tuesday October 21, 2014

We may have entered The Big Dry Out. Check the Oriental Weather Forecast It’s partly cloudy today and tomorrow and then a streak of big, bright, beautiful yellow suns all the way thru the weekend. Temps in the 60’s’ and 70’s. Woo. Hoo. At. Last.

In those stiflingly hot days of summer, we all look for a little shade to cool down. Oriental’s Tree Board is trying to provide more shade — and make the town look better, too. The Tree Board’s going to be planting more trees soon and as part of its planning, is asking homeowners if they’d like a tree or two (or three) in the rights of way in front of their homes. Among the trees are live oaks, crape myrtles, lacebark elms, redbud, to name a few. There’s no charge — it’s just what the tree board volunteers do. For more info on how to get a tree on your street, click here.

Meanwhile, Oriental’s History Museum is working to expand its Sailing Capital of NC display. As part of that ramp up, the Museum’s asking if the public has any local racing memorabilia and photos going back the half century since sailors started coming to Oriental. Old charts of this area, marina ads, older cruising guides that mention Oriental are welcome, too.

Also, to show how navigation has changed, the museum would like to have a sextant and a Walker Log (that measures distance over the water when you didn’t have an electronic knot meter.) If you have any of these items and would like to donate them, the Oriental’s History Museum would greatly appreciate it. Drop Sarah Goodnight a line at museum@dockline.net

And there’s sailing in the future, too. ODC’s put together a pursuit race this Saturday. They’ll even put someone who knows about racing on your boat if you’re new to it all. They’d like to know by tomorrow so they can make those arrangements….

Elsewhere in What’s Happening… one more mid-week Farmers’ Market tomorrow morning.

Monday October 20, 2014

7:20a Autumn temps have finally consistently arrived. Sunny near 70 today… bouncing between mid 70s and mid 60s the rest of the week.

Storm Gonzalo finally became Post Tropical Sunday… the speedy storm (dubbed “Speedy Ganzalo”) visited Newfoundland Sunday after hitting Bermuda Friday (remnants expected near Scotland later today). It traveled north at 45mph… that is a crazy fast moving storm.

As we go from AC to flipping on the heat, today’s Dock Quote applies. Especially tonight..

Sunday October 19, 2014

1:22p Dutch sailor Martijn is visiting at the Town Dock aboard Prinses Mia (click here to learn and see more about Martijn & the boat). For Sunday HarborCam is zoomed in so you can get a better look at the handsome sailing vessel.

7:31a The Old Theater’s 7th Annual Chili Cook-Off brought a lot of folks out to the Oriental Marina for a fine fall day and 13 kinds of chili. The winner — as picked by a panel of 3 judges and by the public voting — was the chili served up Seacoast Marine Electronics. That was a first. In previous years of the cookoff, no chili had ever won over both the judge trio and the popular vote.

There were a variety of chilis to try – salsa verde pork, a beef with lime, a beanless chili, some peach and mango inflected chili, and one that tasted like beef bourguignon (whose secret ingredient was not, in fact wine, but, we were told, copious amounts of Yeungling Black and Tan.) We’ll have more on the chili fest and photos.

Also coming, photos from the Sunfish Worlds.

But wait, Buckeroo, the weekend’s not over.. It may be Sunday, but more’s going on. Bryan Mayer’s playing at Paradise Cove this afternoon. And here in Oriental, this afternoon and evening there are 2 events just steps from each other.

Tonight at 6:30, HarborSounds puts on a show of music and history — The History of Bluegrass — at Oriental United Methodist Church. Come on by. No charge, but pie will be served and donations appreciated — it goes to the church’s fund for lots of projects in town.

St. Thomas Episcopal Church holds a fashion show — Home Town Fashions — starting at 2:30p.

More events on the horizon. Take a peek at What’s Happening A new listing is next Saturday’s ODC Pursuit Race, to bring out the racer in you….More here.

Saturday October 18, 2014

We have a beautiful fall day.. The Oriental Weather Forecast gives us a high in the upper 70’s and a crispness in the air — even more in coming days as winds clock around and come at us from the north.

But about today — it’s a go-outside-and-breathe-it-in kinda day. What your schnozz may be picking up, down by the harbor, is the smell of chili. 13 kinds of chili. The makings of the Old Theater’s 7th Annual Chili Cookoff. Starts at 11, runs til 2p. Keeps the Old Theater running.

To wash that down — if you’re 21 or older — Nautical Wheelers is expanding its wine tasting today. It’s still on from 3-5, but you needn’t wait til then. They’re pouring samples of 6 wines from early afternoon. Amble by their lawn on Broad Street after tasting and judging the chili.

Chill and chili may not be the only things in the air as Halloween approaches …. Don Mau has written in in praise of the Ghost Walk in Oriental. There’s another Ghost Walk tonight…..and on other nights thru Halloween.

Oriental’s Rotary is busy today. It has a nautical flea market from 11a-5p and it’s serving up its BBQ Chicken dinner from 5-7p

Friday October 17, 2014

9:35a OK. Another action-packed October weekend ahead. In case you need the phrase explained, in a town of 900, “action-packed” means something is happening.

And something is.

Saturday is the annual Chili Cook Off, 11a-2p on the grounds of Oriental Marina. The Chili Cook Off is a fundraiser for Oriental’s fine Old Theater. Chefs cook up chili and compete for fame and modest fortune. There are 13 teams set to compete:

Also Saturday, Rotary BBQ Chicken Dinner, Ghost Walk… and Sunday Bryan Mayer makes music at Paradise Cove. All the details in What’s Happening.

7:23a Update – ad gone. It sold too quickly. This morning’s creative/honest writing award goes to Monty Brumbles for an ad titled Run down dinghy and possessed Mercury.

6:46a Bermuda may seem far away, but in a way they are neighbors. Head out Beaufort Inlet, sail east… and the first land you’ll find is Bermuda.

This morning Bermuda is bracing for a visit from what looks like a brutally powerful hurricane. Hurricane Gonzalo thankfully downgraded to Category 3 (from 4) early this morning. But at Category 3, the storm still brings 135mph winds. Our thoughts are with Bermuda today.

Hurricane Gonzalo links:
Hurricane Gonzalo Tracking Chart
Hurricane Gonzalo Forecaster’s Discussion & Computer Models
Hurricane Gonzalo Public Advisory

Life is calmer here in eastern North Carolina… a perfect weekend ahead. Sunshine, today mid 70s, Saturday near 80, Sunday cooler autumn air, mid 60s.

Thursday October 16, 2014

5:26p Argentinian Francisco Renna has won the 2014 Sunfish Worlds. In 2nd place Jean Paul de Trazegnies of Peru, 3rd place to American Conner Blouin from Maryland.

We had some local sailors in the Sunfish Worlds. George Midyette placed 52nd overall – his best finish was today’s final race where George placed 22nd. Ken “Turtle” Midyette placed 61st overall. Young Kara Wheeler 68th.

Rob Eberle from New Bern placed 48th (Rob frequently sails locally in events like the Greens Creek Challenge).

Mott Parks Blair from Wallace, NC (near Wilmington) finished 36th overall – his family keeps a larger sailboat in Oriental (Sunfish are challenging to sleep on).

Click here for complete results from the 72 competing sailors.

4:34p Results from race 9 – the final Sunfish race of the day (and perhaps of the 2014 Worlds). 1st place Jean Paul de Trazegnies of Peru, coming in 2nd American Conner Blouin from Maryland.

We are waiting on the announcement re whether this was the final race of the week, or if there will be more Sunfish Worlds racing Friday.

3:15p Jesusa Bailon of Ecuador has won race number 8… winning two races in a row today at the Sunfish Worlds. The race organizers had announced earlier that there would just be two races today, but the days third race has just started a few minutes ago. We’ll have results…

11:25a Even a Sunfish needs a little wind. The Sunfish Worlds…. are waiting… for wind. It is flat and calm on the Neuse right now. This photo is from a few minutes ago:

7:22a Hurricane Gonzalo is a beast – now a Category 4 storm, winds at 140 mph. And pointed right at Bermuda, expected to arrive on the island nation Friday. Here is the view of Gonzalo from space:

6:00a The Sunfish Worlds could wrap up today, now that the skies have cleared after yesterday’s deluge. (There were moments in the downpour when the Sunfish could’ve skimmed along the instant ponds on Broad Street in Oriental.) First race of the day on the course off of Camp Seagull and Seafarer is slated to start at 10. The spectator boat, Joy Boy, is going out again today… You can get tickets at the camp.

A couple of call outs for lending a hand. Over at White Farm Road, the Habitat for Humanity house is coming along – walls up, the roof over everything — but right now, they’re in great need of people who’ve had some experience putting up vinyl siding. If you have the know-how and the time to spare, they could really use your skills. Give Tim Balfour a call at 745-3247. The hope is that the Sylvester family can be in their new home by the holidays…

On another front, the Oriental fire station is looking for a trailer. You may recall that this summer, the Neuse Riverkeeper Foundation presented the fire station with a boom that could be deployed on the nearby waters to contain oil or other ick-oid spills. The bulky boom’s now in the fire house, in a bundle on the floor. The fire team thought that having it on a trailer would be better when a call came in, as all they’d have to do is hitch it to a truck and get to the spill site. So if you have a utility trailer or boat trailer you’d like to donate, give NRF Creekkeeper Bill Hines a call at 571-0264.