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audacity xenocraft
Audacity. Webster’s dictionary defines it as “a confident and daring quality that is often seen as shocking or rude : an audacious quality”. Audacity is also the name of a local man’s dream for a fuel efficient power cruiser.

Friday August 22, 2014

7:06a Check out the Atlantic Tropical Outlook image. The X indicates current disturbance location, shading indicates potential formation area. The unusual shape and large size of the potential formation area means that NOAA just isn’t sure about what this thing might do:

What they do seem confident in is that a tropical storm will likely form in the next few days. The computer models have changed significantly in the past 24 hours – now mostly taking the potential storm out to sea:

Storm projections can change a lot before the system develops – this could end up on a very different track.

Highs expected to creep into the low 90s today, 50% chance of rain. More clammy humid stuff. Cooler & drier weather will come at the beginning of next week.

It isn’t a finished yacht, in the way one normally thinks of “finished”. But he did make it. Meet Jim Coward and his dream of an efficient 50 ft power cruiser in The Shipping News.

Thursday August 21, 2014

4:42p This afternoon NOAA sent a Hurricane Hunter airplane to check out the potential storm. It isn’t a tropical storm yet. Here’s the news:

Data from an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicates that the circulation associated with the small low pressure area approaching the Leeward Islands is poorly defined.

The aircraft did, however, find a small area of tropical-storm-force winds on the northeast side of the low. Environmental conditions are expected to be conducive for some development during the next day or so, and a tropical depression or tropical storm could still form while the system moves west-northwestward at around 20 mph across the Lesser Antilles. The mountainous terrain of Hispaniola could limit development during the first part of the weekend, but conditions are expected to become more conducive for development by Sunday when the system is forecast to move near or over the Bahamas.

An Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft is scheduled to investigate this system again tomorrow afternoon.

7:14a Just a few clouds in the sky this morning, but lots of fog around the county. Drive careful.

A warmmm day ahead – low 90s – and with the clammy humidity we’ll see heat index numbers near or topping 100.

The potential tropical storm in the Atlantic looks a bit more troublesome. The initial computer models are sneaking more north (and less like a gulf track):

This isn’t a declared storm yet – but it looks like it will become one in the next few days.

Wednesday August 20, 2014

2:20p Uh oh. Things in the tropical Atlantic are beginning to hint at storm creation. The 2p Tropical Outlook update states:

…an elongated area of low pressure located several hundred miles east of the Windward Islands has become a little better organized during the past few hours. Additional slow development of this system is possible during the next day or two, and a tropical depression could form…

Usually the initial computer models give some guidance – but you’ll see that right now they are rather undecided on this potential storm:

However undecided initial models are, the potential storm does appear to be most likely bound for the Gulf (as in, not our doorstep). A storm being declared is a couple days off. The next name in line for the 2014 season is Cristobal.

8:37a Guess what? The Oriental Weather Forecast now has a chance of rain and thunderstorms for the next 4 days. We have reached the Blinking Clock Point. In which, we see no sense in recalibrating the clock on the stove because the next thunderstorm will just knock it back to 12:00 again. Maybe next month….

The folks putting together Oriental’s First Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival are looking for volunteers to help as they pull together the September 13 event. The music fest takes its inspiration from the string bands that used to play on the porch of Lucille and Billy Truitt’s Ol’ Store at South Water and New Streets. That porch is gone – as is the building – but there are a dozen or so porches along Broad and Hodges that will provide stages in the spirit of the Ol’ Store, and local bands will be playing on them that afternoon.

It’s got a great spirit to it and could blossom even more in coming years. But right now, the organizers need some volunteers.

If you can pitch in at one of the porches that afternoon — you’ll get to hear some great music — get in touch with Dawn Hoyle at dwhoyle@gmail.com Musicians who want to take part are asked to contact Dottie Osmun at dottieosmun@gmail.com by next Monday, August 25. And if local artisans want to be part of it, selling their creations, they should also get in touch with Dottie, by September 1.

Yesterday’s Board of Adjustment hearing about campground status at Whittaker Creek Harbor was extended a week after the attorney for marina owner Knute Bysheim called Town Hall yesterday morning to say he was stuck in a Puerto Rico airport.

Nearby homeowners, who don’t want to see the peninsula there grandfathered in as a campground, were not pleased with the delay. Some said they cleared their schedules to be there yesterday and couldn’t make it next week. Nonetheless, the BOA said it had to set a date for the hearing to continue.

As long as Bysheim’s appeal is before the BOA, delays are to his benefit as the man who’s been living in an RV there since at least earlier this year, can continue to live in that RV yards from the creek. CAMA found no pumpout facility on site recently.

The hearing was continued to next Tuesday, August 26 at 2p.

Tuesday August 19, 2014

11:09p A switch-up in this afternoon’s 2p Board of Adjustment hearing over RV living near the water’s edge at Whittaker Creek Marina in what the Town says is not a campground, (and which doesn’t have a CAMA permitted pumpout for sewage.) Town Hall says the attorney for WCM owner Knute Bysheim called this morning to say he is stuck in an airport in Puerto Rico and so cannot be at the hearing.

To avoid putting this quasi-judicial hearing off for much longer, the BOA will convene nonetheless at 2p today, but only to recess and then continue the meeting to another date, most likely next Tuesday. (More on the story below on yesterday’s home page, and in What’s Happening, here.)

10:19a The morning looks gorgeous, but this summer has trained the eye to look warily at even the hit of a cloud. And sure enough, the Oriental Weather Forecast gives us a 50-50 chance of rain.

Yesterday’s deluge — with all that lightning, to boot — brought us just under an inch of rain on the ground. Point nine-five. The polliwogs in the South Water Street roadside may like this but for the rest of us, this is getting a bit much.

This weekend seems a relatively calm one in town, but we’re about to enter an especially busy season for sailing. The Oar Race from New Bern (and then the Michelob Cup from Oriental) is coming on Labor Day weekend. Then, in three weeks, on September 6, the Greens Creek Challenge Regatta, for small boats and sailors of all ages. This is one of the more interesting courses a sailor will race — it starts out on the river, then comes under the bridge, up the creeks (Green’s and Smith) and back under the bridge to the river.

After that, there’s the Oriental Cup Regatta’s on Sept 20 and the Neuse River Solo on October 4, followed by the Sunfish Worlds Championship out on the river. If you’re looking to see sails on the river, you’ll find plenty ….

Monday August 18, 2014

3:23p Here comes the rain again. It’s falling on our head with a lot of flashes of lightning and clashes of thunder. Some of them – dang – really close.

6:54a If you’ve got that feeling that there’s a persistent cloud over your head, there’s a good meteorological explanation for that. You’ll find it in the Oriental Weather Forecast for this week. Yes, chances of rain every day except Thursday. Today, a 50% chance.

Tomorrow, Oriental’s Board of Adjustment will hear about the RV on the narrow peninsula at Whittaker Creek Marina where a man has been living for months. Marina owner Knute Beisheim argues the land there is a campground and is asking that the BOA overturn the Town Manager’s decision that the marina was not grandfathered in as a campground.

Campgrounds are permitted in Oriental’s MU (commercial) districts if the property owner gets a special use permit. None was sought by the Marina. The only other route to being declared a campground is to seek to be grandfathered in, a process usually undertaken when the zoning laws were put in to effect, which in Oriental was about a decade and a half ago. Tomorrow, then, the BOA’s being asked to rule on whether the Town Manager was wrong to deny the grandfathering this year.

Additionally, the Town Manager, Diane Miller, says that she checked with CAMA about whether there was a sewage pumpout, which a campground would have to have. She was told there was not. The RV is a few yards from the waters of Whittaker Creek.

Looking ahead to Wednesday – the Oriental Farmers’ mid-week Market is happening from 3-5p. It’s to help tide you over with local produce and baked good until the Saturday market…..

Friday August 15, 2014

11:35a More water in the news, this time what comes out of the tap. You may notice Oriental water is a little harder today. Town Hall says a water softener failed and the crew is working to fix it. Meantime, you may find your home water softener going thru more salt than before.

10:10a It’s a beautiful morning and the Oriental Weather Forecast suggests we could get thru the weekend without rain. Yeah, there’s a 20 percent chance Saturday and Sunday and lately those haven’t been good odds fort those wishing to dry out, but still, it’s the best weekend forecast we’ve had this month.

So we do get a chance to air out and dry out. The one group that may not appreciate this are the polliwogs skittering about in the puddles at the sides of South Water Street. We have seen some folks effecting polliwog rescues.

In What’s Happening Nautical Wheelers has a wine tasting tomorrow afternoon from 3-5p. A half dozen wines from around the world. The Oriental Farmers’ Market is on Hodges from 8-11a. The market now has two rows of vendors.

Oriental’s History Museum has new fossils — that is to say, a new display of fossils – and while you focus on what was once in the ground, you can also take a bird’s eye view of town with the aerial photos on display. Find your house and mark it on the map…

Thursday August 14, 2014

Sunny today with, what’s this, no chance of rain. We get to dry out. On the horizon, the Oriental Weather Forecast has a 20% chance of it tomorrow and then Saturday afternoon.

Plucking and drummin’. It being Thursday, the UHOO ukelele group gathers for a practice today. They welcome newbies. And tonight on the waterfront, the Drummin’ Dragons are playing. They have a spare drum or two if you want to drop in.

If you lived in or visited Oriental more than a few years ago, you may remember Lucille and Billy Truitt’s Ol’ Store on South Water. It had a front porch where folks would bring their guitars, banjo, fiddle and play. That porch isn’t there any more but it’s inspired a new event in Oriental.

Coming up in just about a month, on Saturday September 13 is first annual Old Front Porch Music Festival. Dottie Osmun of the band Harborsounds says they have 10 bands who will be playing on 7 porches along Broad Street on that afternoon. It’s free. (There’ll even be a “petting zoo” of musical instruments for kids to try out.)