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It's Saturday February 16, 2019 Dock Quote: “The fishermen know...

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Landing A Harrier On The Mall:

Captain John Rahm Tells The Story. Guest Columnist

Rainbow Farm:

Childhood Story Returns as a Children's Book. The Story

Chinese New Year 2019 - Year of the Pig:

A pig and a dragon meet on Hodges St.. The Story

Should the new Lou Mac Pier have a dock?:

The pier could have a dock. Letters To The Editor

Mister February 2019 - Ziggy:

Dog personality in a cat's body. Pet Of The Month

2019 - Year Of The Pig:

Oriental's favorite beasts dance. Drawing The Town

1st Annual Dragon Burn:

Dragon burned for the Arts. The Story

Holly Martin and SV Gecko:

"I've always felt like a boat was my first home". The Shipping News

Town Board Meeting January 2019:

Bidding begins on pier and Whittaker Point projects. The Story

Instead of Football Regatta 2019:

Trimarans, power boats, and two Army Landing Craft. The Story

Two Dragons and a Croaker - New Year's Eve 2018 into 2019:

Traditions and a fresh start. The Story

Marte Fenton, 1940 - 2018:

Oriental's spiritual guide. The Story

Friends Of The Dragon 2019:

Oriental's Dragon Needs A Present. The Story

Santa Parks At The Town Dock:

. Drawing The Town

2018 Spirit of Christmas Weekend:

'Nautical Christmas' in Oriental. The Story

2018 Spirit Of Christmas Schedule:

Have a Nautical Christmas. The Story

Town Board Meeting December 2018 :

Speed limit 45 to 35 on Broad, South Ave update. The Story

Third Grant Received for Whittaker Point Restoration:

New grant brings total to $1.5 Million. The Story

Giving Tuesday 2018 - Giving Locally:

The List of Area Non-Profits That Could Use Your Donation. The Story

Bikes, Trikes, and Tandems: The Thanksgiving Bike Ride:

An Oriental tradition continues. The Story

Turkey On A Bicycle:

Burn some calories before the big meal. Drawing The Town

Sunken Boat Raised in Search of Hazards:

Coast Guard briefly boosts boat. The Story

Spirit Of Christmas 2018 Parade Needs A Theme:

Your creative ideas wanted. The Story

StormPack Hurricane Relief Regatta:

Giving back to Oriental. The Story

Town Board Meeting November 2018:

Hurricane repairs underway, but they'll take a while. The Story

Sean D'Epagnier and SV Alexandra:

Home is a small, engineless sailboat. The Shipping News

Classics, Customs & Moderns: The 2018 Oriental Car Show:

Foul weather doesn't stop the show. The Story

Chili Cookoff 2018:

$3,000 raised and 3rd time's the charm. The Story

Hurricane Florence Forces O'Town Restaurant To Close For Winter:

Rebuilding for 2019. The Story

Sailing In A Field:

Hurricane placed sailboat. Drawing The Town

Two Cranes and a Rabid Rabbit:

Storm tossed boat returned to the water. The Story

Ol' Front Porch Music Festival 2018:

The show must go on. The Story

Hurricane Florence & Oriental's Creeks:

Anchors dragged, lines broke, a few sinkings. The Story

Tellico & The Hall Sisters Kick Off Ol' Front Porch Music Festival Oct 5:

Friday Night Show At The Red Rooster Stage. The Story

Debris Piles Up - Waiting For Collection:

How it's happening in town and in the county. The Story

Endurance Seafood Gutted By Florence:

Bruno family takes stock after storm. The Story

A Hurricane Can't Stop A Wedding:

Nicole & Matt Set A Date That Florence Couldn't Move. The Story

Oriental After Florence:

Putting a town back together. The Story

It may be February – but the boat show is now less than two months away. It’s April 12-14. For 2019 the Oriental In-Water Boat Show is changing its venue. Hodges St will be closed for the weekend – the show will all be on Hodges by the harbor, with boat show boats in the adjoining marina slips.
Every year during the show Heber Guthrie builds a boat in just three days. Watch it happen above…

Saturday February 16, 2019

7:07a Sometimes you just want to make one cup of coffee. The best way how is the subject of today’s Coffee Brewing 101 classes at Croakertown. They are at 9a, 10a and 11a this morning.

Managing risk on the water is the subject of today’s Sailing Seminar at Town Hall. It starts at 9a, and is being presented by non other than John Rahm. He’s managed risk before. Class starts at 9a.

Pamlico Republicans have their Lincoln Day lunch today at camp Don Lee. all hands and hearts All Hands and Hearts is a non-profit group that’s helping homeowners recover after Hurricane Florence. We’ve seen them in action in our town. Today a fundraiser at New Village Brewery from noon til 10p sends some help their way. Brews, tunes and food all on tap.

You’ll find details on all these events in What’s Happening.

6:50a It didn’t rain overnight, but starting about 6:30a this morning light drops began to fall. It will fall harder later. Today is one of those days with a 100% chance of precipitation… high mid 50s. Sunday may see a little rain but it will be a drier day.

Southeast weather radar shows the inland moisture heading our way.

On the Neuse 10-15 knots today, Sunday light air, 5-10 knots from the northeast.

Today’s northeast winds will cause some modest water level rise.

Friday February 15, 2019

12:39p The food truck is back this afternoon at The Brewery. Lili writes in:

Mari’s Hella Fat Food Truck will begin serving at 3pm today until around 7:30pm. She had to re-stock and prep more food after yesterday, thus the later start today.
The beers on tap are here.

John Rahm piloted the Harrier you see above in today’s on-the-cover pic. Captain John Rahm is also teaching a free sailing seminar Saturday: Risk Management.

12:20p In 2015 a disabled cruising sailor sailed into town. Cliff Kyle had lost his left leg, he was in a wheelchair… and was cruising alone in a 26 ft sailboat. His story aboard his boat Abby Normal was featured in The Shipping News.

Reader Gregg Tilghman of New Bern writes in today with sad news:

A good friend Cliff Kyle and subject of that article crossed the bar February 10, 2019. A GoFundMe has been set up by friends to raise money for funeral expenses for he had no final plans arranged due to his meager income. I thought you guys might want to conclude the story somehow.
The GoFundMe is at this link.

9:27a Recently TownDock Senior Management was having an adult beverage with reader Sam Myers. Sam brought out a newspaper clipping from the December 25, 2018 edition of the Washington Post. It was a trivia quiz, and it included something about a local resident:
rahm newspaper
In case you’re wondering, the correct answer is “C.”

That John Rahm we asked? Yes, that one. A few days later TownDock ran into John’s bride Julie. She persuaded John to send in the story of his landing a Harrier jet on the Washington Mall. Here it is…

9:16a There is a blood drive in town today. From Jean Jerger:

Oriental Blood Drive today from 1 PM to 6 PM at the Oriental Women’s Club at 1007 Gilgo Rd. There are 17 vacant appointment slots – so either go online to redcrossblood.org and schedule an appointment or just drop by. Oriental neighbors should be able to meet the 33 pint goal. Make this your Valentine’s Present to Eastern North Carolina.

6:02a It’s about to get cooler, and wet. But that’s tomorrow. Elmer, today dry sunshine will poke through the clouds… and the high could reach 70.

Did you mess up Valentine’s day? We were worried you might. No prob… there’s a save available. Tonight. Letters to Juliet is showing at The Old Theater:

Showtime 7:30p, tickets six bucks and that includes popcorn.

Thursday February 14, 2019

1:41p M&M’s has a special Valentine’s Day menu starting at 4p this evening. Take a look at some of the menu items, including broiled sea bass and prime rib. If there’s more than 6 in your party, you’ll need a reservation.

Oriental is between Classic Car Shows but that didn’t stop an early 50’s modified Chevy pickup from cruising through town yesterday. If you missed the dice valve caps, you can check them and the Chevy out here.

6:04a It’s good snuggling-with-your-Valentine weather: mid 30s this morning. Temps will hit the low 60s today before dropping back to the high 40s this evening.

sandy heartIf you’re still looking for that perfect gift, the Pig has roses, you can pick up bath sets and champagne at Nautical Wheelers, and complete your gift with a warm scarf, wrap, or sweater from Marsha’s Cottage. If your honey is more nautically inclined, the Provision Company may have what you need – a brass lantern. Some say nothing says love like an anchor line.

Valentine’s Day events are in What’s Happening.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Wednesday February 13, 2019

3:06p The Old Hotel at the corner of Broad St. and Hodges St. has been getting a lift since Hurricane Florence came through in September and flooded parts of Oriental. The height change forced a few new additions (and subtractions.) The main front steps on Broad St are no longer – instead it’s a protective porch railing. You now will enter on Hodges St. The door that used to enter a Hodges St office has become a window.

Central HotelCentral Hotel
click image for the big view

12:02p Look at you. Charming. Super suave & debonair. Made those Valentine plans?

frogDave at M&M’s has a secret special Valentine menu. At The Brewery live music and a Food Truck that will melt your Valentine. That truck is serving up bacon jam. Friday night they’re getting all romantic at the Old Theater… Letters to Juliet is showing. It’s all in What’s Happening.

Plying your honey with fancy champagne? They’ve got it at Nautical Wheelers & at the Piglet. The Piglet’s new weekly specials include Sweetheart Ribeyes.

8:19a While there’s a small chance of rain this morning, this should be a dry day. Partly sunny this afternoon and a high that might reach 60.

Valentine’s Day sunshine and temps will reach into the mid 60s.

Tuesday February 12, 2019

3:01p Nicole Edwards remembered a childhood bedtime story. It stayed in her head. And then one day it came back – as a children’s book. Read on…

8:44a The day’s rain may be over for now, but it’s coming back later tonight. Otherwise, today’s high will be in the high 60s. The rest of the week’s weather will follow suit, staying in the 60s until Saturday.

Tonight, there’s drumming at the OUMC. It’s a free presentation put on by Pamlico Arts, the same folks who brought you the Dragon Burn. Bring your noise makers and drums and participate, or just come to listen. Admission is free and it all begins at 7p.

Monday February 11, 2019

12:07p A pig & a dragon walk into a bar.

You’ll have to finish that.

On Saturday a pig & a dragon walked onto Hodges St. It was Chinese New Year in Oriental… TownDock was there.

11:40a $83,650. That’s 76.5% of the needed $109,389 for the Whittaker Creek Dredging fundraising drive.

It seems every week there is another grand or two. It is happening.

7:58a Rain possible this morning, and really likely this afternoon. The high isn’t going to be much more than the low… getting into the mid 50s. Warm air arrives Tuesday.

african drumsReal African drumming. That sound will be in town Tuesday night. A performance by The Healing Force is at Oriental United Methodist Church @ 7p. It’s free, you’re invited. The Healing Force is visiting from Winston-Salem. The performance is being brought to town by the Pamlico Arts Council.

Last night Deadly Incentive debuted at The Silos. We’re told the performers & audience had a great night. It’s dinner theater – theater that happens all around you as you’re served dinner. A four course arrives at your table, including Guinness battered fish & chips, beer cheese soup, cottage pie, and Irish Cream trifle. Proceeds go to the PCHS Drama Club. Tickets $35, reserved seating, available at Nautical Wheelers. Tickets also available by emailing pchsdramaclubtickets@gmail.com (you will receive an auto-response to get your ticket info.)

Sunday February 10, 2019

5:19p We were having problems getting timely data from NOAA over the weekend for hour-by-hour forecasts. That’s all fixed now. Thank you NOAA.

11:30a The Trawl Door Restaurant was perhaps the most famous of the many businesses that over a century occupied the old brick building by the bridge. trawl door It was built in 1913, and torn down last year following Hurricane Florence. Many things get reconsidered after a hurricane, but the destruction of this building was one that is truly mourned.

Today the Oriental History Museum opens a special exhibit of memorabilia from that recently demolished Trawl Door building. The exhibit will run through April. The museum is located at 803 Broad St. and is open Friday 11-3, Saturday 1-4 and Sunday 1-4.

9:45a Deadly Incentive. It’s live dinner theater, performed at The Silos. Four performances, starting tonight. Murder is involved. More info at this link. This is a Pamlico High Drama Club production (The Silos is providing the dinner part.) Cast your eyes on the suspicious cast:
deadly incentivedeadly incentivedeadly incentivedeadly incentive
click image for the big view

6:28a It snuck down to 33 overnight… the day ahead will be sunny, dry & a high about 50. We’ll be back warm again Tuesday.

Saturday February 9, 2019

9:43a Should you see Diane Miller – Oriental’s Town Manager – while you’re out and about today, wish her Happy Birthday.

Down on Hodges St, Larry Summers is giving a cooking demonstration as part of the Chinese New Year celebration.Cooking In the wok, Beef and Snow Peas. He has recipes to hand out and a few other dishes ready to serve up.

For the rest of the days’ events – and where you can find more celebratory dishes around town, click here.

9:26a If this writer created a short list of the the most moving films ever viewed, Rosenwald would be on that list. It’s the story of how Sears executive Julius Rosenwald funded some 5,000 schools being built for African American students. Right outside Oriental on Janiero Road stands a little-known part of that history.

What is now the Holt Chapel Community Center had been a Rosenwald school. The film shows today @ 1p at Holt’s Chapel Community Center at 136 Janiero Road. Doors open at 12:15p. You can see the film and still have time to get into town for the dragon run. A preview:

6:37a The forecast was colder than our reality. Overnight low just 46 (mid 30s forecast.) For today those NOAA folks (that is where TownDock gets weather data) still say just mid to upper 40s for this afternoon.

If you can’t figure out what to do with yourself today… dang Bunky… just click here.

Friday February 8, 2019

3:17p We are now in the Chinese Year Of The Pig – it officially started Tuesday. Oriental celebrates Chinese New Year Saturday with a Dragon run & cuisine about town.

It’s the Year Of The Pig every 12 years. It is said of those born during the Year Of The Pig:

Pigs are diligent, compassionate, and generous. They have great concentration: once they set a goal, they will devote all their energy to achieving it. Though Pigs rarely seek help from others, they will not refuse to give others a hand.

While we’re on the Year Of The Pig – we’ll lend ya a hand. Check out this weeks deals at The Pig.

10:24a An update on the pier/dock letter.

9:50a The pier at Lou Mac Park. It used to look like the pic on the left. Then Hurricane Florence came last September, and left it like the pic on the right:
pierbusted pier
click image for the big view

There has been some talk about adding a small dock to the pier as part of the rebuild. Reader Mark Fields writes in adding a vote of support to that concept.

7:48a You’re about to get thermally yanked around. It was 80 yesterday. Tonight it will dip down to 35. Tomorrow the high will be 45. Hope your closet can keep up.

Thermal be damned – there’s lots going on to embrace:
Neuse Neighbors Network has a volunteer session 10a this morning at Town Hall. Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ Truck at The Brewery today. Saturday learn French Press skills at Croakertown, a Wok cooking demonstration at the Farmers’ Market, First Aid at the Sailing Seminar, the film Rosenwald shows 1p at Holt’s Chapel Community Center, at 3p the Dragon runs for Chinese New Year and at 3 & 4p wine tastings at Nautical Wheelers. Sunday (and Monday) live murderous dinner theater at The Silos.

Down East by Core Sound the NC Coastal Heritage Association has its annual meeting Saturday in the town of Atlantic, 1:30p.

It’s all in What’s Happening.

Thursday February 7, 2019

5:18p A reader questions the raccoon’s albino authenticity. Beth Hage writes in:

Slight correction. The trapped raccoon has a significant amount of coloration and therefore is not a true albino animal. He (she) is actually leucistic. The following is his actual category: Leucism (/ˈluːsɪzəm, -kɪz-/) is a condition in which there is partial loss of pigmentation in an animal resulting in white, pale, or patchy coloration of the skin, hair, feathers, scales or cuticle, but not the eyes. It is occasionally spelled leukism.

12:50p It’s eighty. 80. Eight-zero. It’s almost too much.

10:58a Ziggy isn’t the only animal getting exposure today. Yesterday morning a rare animal was found in a trap in the backyard of Merritt couple Jim and Bev Pierpoint: an albino raccoon. “At first, we thought we had a red fox,” Jim said.

flooded dinghyA Rare Catch
click image for the big view

Animal Control Officer Berkley Hill said the animal was young and healthy, showing no signs of disease. He also said it was not the first one caught in the area – another trapper caught one last month – though it was the first he had seen.

Hill released the albino racoon back into the woods.

8:36a North Carolina. Wine. The two usually are not thought of together. But there is a vineyard in the Piedmont that may be changing that. Bill Wheeler writes in:

Our Oriental and New Bern stores are having Wine Tastings on the same weekend, Friday in New Bern, then Saturday in Oriental. Diana Jones, a vineyard owner, will lead the tastings. vineyardThe wines we will taste are from Thurmond, North Carolina (just north of Statesville.) Jones von Drehle Vineyards and Winery creates dry European style wines – with grapes grown in Yadkin County.
Join Diana and Nautical Wheelers for Artwalk Friday, February 8th from 5-8pm at Nautical Wheelers in Downtown New Bern and then at our shop in Oriental at 3 and 4pm on Saturday the 9th.
Bill promises no Scuppernong grapes are involved.

6:58a Good morning, dear reader. Today, you get afternoon temps in the mid 70s. Aren’t you the lucky one?

A new candidate has been chosen for Pet of the Month: a blue-eyed, one-eared feline called Ziggy.

Ziggy is Mr. February. Read on to find out why.